Eucalyptus crebra. Family. Myrtaceae. Botanical Name. Eucalyptus crebra F. Muell. Petioles yellowish. Crushed leaves emit a strong eucalyptus oil odour. Eucalyptus crebra is an evergreen tree with a rather open and straggly crown; it can grow 25 – 35 metres tall. Under good growing conditions the tree has. Image of Eucalyptus crebra. Metrosideros salicifolia Trusted. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA © Smithsonian.

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Summary [ edit ] Description Bark of Eucalyptus crebra X populnea natural hybrid. Flower buds and leaves.

In some areas, this distinction is obvious, but throughout much of the range of E.

The related and sometimes co-occurring E. It is distinguished by having glossy green juvenile and adult leaves. Ironbark to small branches, dark grey or black, hard and deeply furrowed. The small white flowers appear from late autumn to spring, and are followed by small pods.

Eucalyptus crebra — Noosa’s Native Plants

Royal Botanic Gardens website. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. The trees may be fairly close together or far apart. We, like other workers before us who have studied this group of ironbarkshave adopted a broad circumscription of E.


There is still a great deal of confusion surrounding the distinction of E. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All other ironbark species within the area of occurrence of E.

The juvenile leaves are slightly broader than normal but do not differ substantially from those in E.

Factsheet – Eucalyptus crebra

Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants suitable for cultivation. Eucalyptux growth coppice or field seedlings to 50 cm: This file is a candidate to be copied to Wikimedia Commons.

This identification key and fact sheets are available as a free mobile application: Domin ; holo: Flowers, buds, gumnuts, and leaves. Tree to 35 m tall.

Seeds brown or grey, 0. File mover What files should be renamed? If this media is not useful, please propose it for deletion or list it at files for cfebra.

In some eucalypts, adult leaves never or rarely form. Confusing matters further is E. Pale bluish green in colour, usually due to a thin waxy or powdery covering that is easily rubbed off. However, these characters are not sufficiently discrete or constant to allow the recognition of additional taxa, and there also appears to be little eycalyptus correlation with different morphologies.


Another species with linear to narrowly lanceolate juvenile leaves is E. This media file is either in the public domain or published under a free licenseand contains no inbound file links.

Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

All free media Wikipedia orphaned files. We have rejected E. Treed area with the canopies of the trees touching each other or overlapping.

In the early days of colonization wood felling was achieved with axe and saw, ironbark stands usually meant a broken ax head. Treed area with the canopies of the trees not touching each other. Bark rough on all but the smallest branches or throughout, hard and deeply furrowed ‘ironbark’ dark grey to black. Brooker and A.

Eucalyptus crebra

Creative Commons Attribution 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bud and fruit morphology is highly variable, crebar this variation suggests a number of undescribed taxa.