The guardREC® solution complies with the EUROCAE ED to assist the The Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (ED) is a set of. Std EUROCAE ED Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording – Including Amendment N°1. Context. Related Elements. Std EUROCAE ED EUROCAE and RTCA documents should be listed in an EUROCAE ED Safety and Performance Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data. Communications (Baseline 2 Page

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The purpose of this Operational Services and Environment Definition OSED is to provide a basis for assessing and establishing operational, safety, performance, and interoperability requirements for the Automatic Taxiing capabilities for a Remoted Piloted Aircraft System. This document is a supplement to EDA. This document has been written under the assumption that if all users are using consistent aerodrome mapping data, operations can be improved, and new capabilities can be realized.

In the following text the channel spacing for 8. The overall Concept report comprises euurocae volumes and one supplement: This report is intended to provide guidance to applicants who seek to apply this Policy Statement to their type design programs and to establish criteria to encourage a consistent approach be applied across industry.

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The minimum operational performance of onboard inflight icing detection systems eurrocae specified. It provides information on the design, installation and certification of the system and is expected to become a basis for new equipment and installation standards. Change 1 to EDB. Any regulatory application of this document is the sole responsibility of appropriate governmental authorities.

Incorporated within these standards are system characteristics that will be useful to users of the system as well as designers, manufacturers and installers.

This document applies to software that forms part of an ANS system.

ED-111 – Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (including Amendment N°1 – 30 July 2003)

This document addresses the questions of both the industry and regulatory authorities. Issued in June ACAS X is intended to improve air safety by acting as a last-resort method of preventing mid-air collisions or near mid-air collisions NMAC between aircraft. Functional requirements are used wherever possible to allow flexibility in the design of sub-system equipment. This low cost transponder is furocae to equip general and light aviation including microlight aircraft, gliders, air balloons, UAV and other small aircraft, and should contribute to the improvement of global aviation safety.



This document is intended to capture minimum interoperability, performance and safety requirements for a service based on data-link communications used for Oceanic Clearance. This euroce defines and allocates the set of minimum requirements for the end-to-end operational, safety, performance and interoperability aspects for implementations of the ADS-B-APT application. Compliance with ed-1111 standards by manufacturers, installers and users is recommended as one means of assuring that the equipment will satisfactorily perform its intended functions under conditions encountered in routine aeronautical operations.

One way to avoid these difficulties can be Virtual Testing approach. This standard provides recommended minimum requirements for the processing of aeronautical data. This standard provides a consistent means to evaluate electrically heated Pitot and Pitot-static probes for in-flight ice and rain conditions that may be experienced in service.

The purpose and scope of this User Guide is to provide additional information and clarification on the test procedures for section 20 and 21 of ED Examples of tests covered include vibration, power input, radio frequency susceptibility, eurovae and electrostatic discharge.

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This Technical Specification document specifies the minimum performance requirements for a Wide Area Multilateration WAM System that is part of a system providing airspace situational awareness to air traffic controllers eueocae other users within the European Air Navigation Region. However, in the avionics industry, it brings specific challenges as systems are complex, hardware heterogeneous and coming from multiple suppliers with different infrastructures.


Compliance with the objectives of EDC is the primary means of obtaining approval of software used in civil aviation products. Issued in August A ekrocae service description encompasses a logical service design, which is technology agnostic and transfers the operational information requirements into a description of the SWIM service on a conceptual level and a description of the technical service design.

The definitions represent the meanings understood and shared by the Aeronautical Information System Security Community and each Term in the Glossary definitions has a cross reference to the information source.

No longer maintained Issued in April It aims to assist aeronautical data chain participants and regulatory authorities in meeting their responsibilities. This document is intended to provide guidance on the airworthiness certification process for electronic aircraft equipment installed or integrated on board an aircraft, featuring a wireless communication function to allow for exchange of information with other equipment installed or integrated on board the same aircraft.

Objectives, activities, explanatory text and software life cycle data that should be addressed when uerocae development and verification are used as part of the software life cycle. This document describes the overarching context of the shared responsibility for Aeronautical Information Systems Security AISS through the identification and description of topics, which have to be addressed.

Change 1 to EDA was issued in October Euroae with these specifications is recommended as one means of assuring that the criteria will meet the intended function s satisfactorily under the specific conditions encountered in distress conditions, as well as under conditions normally encountered in routine aeronautical operations for the environments intended.

This document provides guidance to be used by aircraft manufacturers and suppliers of electronic hardware items used in aircraft systems.