Library or Congress Cataloglng-In-Publlcatlon Data. Carse, James P. Finite and infinite games. Includes index. 1. Life. 2. Games-Symbolic aspects. 3. Religion. Finite Games and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility by James P. Carse was definitely an exciting read for me, and if you consider yourself a. quotes from Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility : ‘To be prepared against surprise is to be trained. To be prepared fo.

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No, it still feels too playful Oct 23, Dave Maddock rated it it was ok Shelves: Spoken to me, your words become mine do with as I please. Deviancy, however, is the very essence of culture. Dec 11, Apio rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 08, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Except this guy isn’t even one. I’ve grown to appreciate them, as well as be wary of their reductive potential. Y’know, take up archery or something, give precision a try.

Did President Putin bomb Syrian civilians out a long friendship with Assad, or fames it a move to be the Master Player over his corner of the world? And I agree there were grains of useful truth in there but it was like digging out undigested grains out of a turd, so no second start from me.

I also recommend being willing to throw the book against the wall in frustration at other times, and to skim when necessary. Machinery does not steal our spontaneity from us; we set it aside ourselves, we deny our originality.


We saw in the previous century how a self-identified Master Race collectively believed they had won the contest for superiority over all other races even before the contest began; they were winners at birth.

In both, “whoever plays, plays freely. History did not end with their birth; neither will it end with their dying. The author advances his premises by presenting pairs of opposites, but not the empty abstract opposites of logic A and Not Abut opposites that depend upon i This is a litmus test kind of a book.

The lecturer was Jeff Wiese, MD. But that chapter also gave us — Because patriotism is the desire to contain all other finite games within itself—that is, to embrace all horizons within a single boundary—it is inherently evil. Wiese related Finite and Infinite Games to the practice of Hospital Medicine and I was so intrigued, that I gave a talk myself on the topic, borrowing from Dr.

Never mind, the point is – everything is a game. I read this on a plane ride over the Pacific and loved the “Play” has saddled up alongside “innovation”, “social entrepreneurship”, and “network” as a buzzword for the early 21st century.

Finite and Infinite Games Quotes

Both the context in which he mentioned it as well as my intuition about the title itself made me suspect I knew what the book would be about. How can infinite play terminate?

And if a machine is most effective when it has no effect, then we operate each other in such a way that we reach the outcome desired—in such a way that nothing happens. It remains a favourite. Even in this last, extreme case we must still concede that whoever takes up the commanded role does so by choice.


Cultural deviation does not return us to the past, but continues what was begun but not finished in the past This is a shame because beneath the unending stream of aphorisms Carse clearly has some wisdom.

wnd It certainly didn’t do it for me. View all 3 comments. This was unenlightening to me in pretty much every example he goes into war, birth, sex, society etc. Culture is one such game, where there can be no winners, the game can’t be repeated and as long as there are players the game will continue.

Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility by James P. Carse

To be prepared for surprise is to be educated. In this book Carse present the idea of two types of games – finite and infinite. The New York Times.

Carse – a religion prof at NYU – tends to set up dualities: Education continues an unfinished past finits the future. I bought this book in and tried to read it, but without much success. For example, parents now can choose the time and place of birth C-sections, inductionwe can talk on the phone without talking with someone on the phone voice recognition menus.