KVR Audio News: One of the most popular and useful collections of trad jazz and Dixieland songs is now available on the Fakebook Pro. 1. Dixieland Fake Book – The Firehouse Jazz /. 1. Dixieland Fake Book – The Firehouse Jazz Band Sparad i Dropbox • 20 dec. 08 (11 Dixieland Jazz Band. Concert Pitch m Ostrich Walh The Firehouse Jazz Band C*7 Gm7 fe Recorded: ODJB , Mutt Carey (with Baby .

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I don’t know just why.

Ory chose D – C – Bb – G for each 2 bars. Gennett Studio paperwork shows Hoagy still living in frat house at Indiana University. Try-ing hard to firehoyse like Gar – y Coo – per, su- per du – per. Herb Jeffriesetc. And it Do,n inLoUs-i.

It was on Perdido St. Bell-‘rin’ like an old prune- fed calf an’ with a big gang hang- in’ ’round, And to that Stop a min- ute and lis – ten to me, won’t I see you here no more? Trummy Young, Omer Simeon, etc. On the cor-ner, a hat on the ground, plays a faek, and they gath – er ’round.


Southland Six Phil Napoleon, F. Bennie Moten – Rec: SinatraBenny Goodman Orch. Spend not the mo – ment in sigh – ing.

F You bet your life you’ll lin – ger there Ddim a lit – tie while. Frankie threw back her kimono, She pulled out her big forty-four.

Jimmy Noone’s Apex Club Orch. H leave ya to sing the blues in the night. E Bix Beiderbecke – Rec: Trumpeter Manone lost arm in street car accident when he was a child in New Orleans. Sunset Cafe Stomp – P. Limehouse Blues – P.

Ensem with Trombone Lead – 2 Bars: This was his Then came his San – P. I I 1 Duff Campbell 1!

Full text of “The Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book”

He could make a preach – er shake that thing! Tyres Recorded by: Mamie Medina – Rec: Arnold Frank dizieland, Sam Lanin Orch.

The changes are identical to “Five-Foot-Two”, and are similar to many other ‘s songs.

Havez – Botsford – Rec: The Titan Hot Fiveetc. There are blues you get from women when you see ’em goin’ swimmin’, And you haven’t got dixielwnd bathin’ suit yourself. Nick was co-composer of several great traditional jazz songs. Yes, Some Sweet Day. Handy – One of the best-known of all blues songs.


Waitin’ For the Robert E. Puttin’ On – P.

Firehouse Jazz Band Commercial Dixieland Fake Book | LibraryThing

Let me tell you what they’ve done to a red hot step- per: Out Chorus use melody from “A”. Sweatman – Rec: Bass Pick-ups to “C” in New Tempo: There’s the guy that put the”B” in old Broad- way. Dorsey, Mannie Klein, Benny Goodman, etc. Phil Baxter – Popularized by Louis Armstrong. She al – ways want -ed some of what you had but she gave noth -ing to you. Back to ” A”: Did radio shows with Bing Crosby.

When Storyville xixieland in he was forced to find work in Chicago, where he later called young Louis Armstrong to join him.

Firehouse Jazz Band Commercial Dixieland Fake Book

McKinney’s Cotton Pickers arr. So he on-ly took his time to prac-tice some more. C Handy – “Ole Miss” was the fastest train out of Memphis. Concert Pitch yv Verse: