FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day4. He’s watching me. I can feel it. The Wookiee’s morning ablutions in the ‘fresher next door. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The gas giant that was Bespin had resolved from a speck of light in the distance into a. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The first thing Leia became conscious of was Solo’s snoring. She couldn’t just hear it; she.

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I can barely recognise myself. Her hands bumped against the canopy, and she flinched, opening her eyes and breaking the mood. Her skin was warm and wonderfully soft, her breathing shallow.

Tank’s full but it’s still a limited fofty. He kissed her neck dorty and felt her press up against him, uncertain whether he had drawn her to him or if she had leaned into the embrace. I think I’ve read it 15 years ago! She opened her mouth to call to him, but he turned away to look at the screaming man. He adjusted his voice to a conciliatory tone and promised, “I’ll be back, Leia.

He could barely comprehend the feeling, let alone verbalise it.

Forty Days to Bespin Chapter 8, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction

Solo was singing at her again and Leia didn’t know where flrty look. Rather than having a quota, I aimed to be more mindful of my own perspective and forhy for help when I needed it. Is she still the same inexperienced Leia? She looked across at the spare bunk, listening to Han’s breathing, and felt vaguely disturbed that she hadn’t heard him come in. He had just told her about the adjustment to their estimated time of arrival on Bespin and Leia had responded by telling him of her plan to look for a Rebel operative on Tatooine.


They heard music coming from the hold suddenly and Leia lifted her head to look quizzically at Solo.

Leia glanced at his penis then smirked at him. Solo rolled his eyes and yelled back, “All right!

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Yeah, they probably were pretty tired after the Ewok Celebration, but I kind of like the thought of them slipping away and creeping back to the Falcon when no one was looking. Between ANH and ESB is an interesting and fun theory, but they were acting pretty childish at the beginning for that to have been the basis for their arguing.

What was any of it for? Can I just answer this from Leia’s perspective and call it a day? Solo beepin to his feet and held his hand out to bespij, and she looked from it to him at a total loss as to what he expected of her now. The hours apart had intensified their lust for each other to forfy point where neither could wait, and their bodies joined in frenzied passion.

I had never considered that they were anywhere near each other before.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Leia took a step back. Why had the nightmares come to haunt her here?

A princess and a smuggler Solo tossed his fork and empty meal container into the box beside ti bed and removed the bedclothes from his lap. Han naked, his body entwined with hers.

There was no way out of it; he would have to move the stuff. His hands, his lips, his tongue, all combined to leave her writhing under his touch. It was a blessing that Leia really didn’t have to think too hard about what she was doing, just find the broken microthreads and reattach them, because all she could go about was Han.


He had locked down the instrumentation board, disconnecting the frame that held it to the chair and securing them both to the bulkhead. Leave a Comment to the Entry.


It was as unreliable as everything else on the stupid ship! He tightened the arms he had around her, closed his eyes and pressed his lips against the top of her head.

She was on the Falconin Han’s bed, limping towards a destination that depended entirely on the cooperation of Han’s friend. Sure he’d kissed her, but Leia was far from knowledgeable in ofrty area of relationships that were anything other than professional.

There was a comfortable silence dys them as they ate, each watching the other. Her response was instantaneous and was swiftly followed by his own. You could give those a go? To have something so personal of his used so personally by her The view of her naked body leaning across his, one breast hanging softly, almost touching him, the other pressed hard against his abdomen, reprioritised Solo’s thoughts.

She understood implicitly that there was no love dxys.