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I knew the situation with Richard would come to a head, though not exactly how. Blair lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her loving husband and two cats. In all the books I have read, Kat is the first submissive to actually be the strongest person in the book.

I never really bought David as a Dom. There is no glossing over the true emotions that come from dealing with something that can damage the soul, the psyche and destroy a relationship. It is also a story of hope and love. Told in two parallel time lines, we witness the devastating effects of domestic abuse and the slow process of learning to love through the pain. She guided him through her words and actions what it generatoonal like to be in a healthy relationship. Then, after he’s dead, everyone acts like it was just a bad hair day or something.

The spankings and submission is truly what Kat needed. Maybe because I haven’t read too many bdsm novels before or because I’ve only read the “good” side of bdsm. It weaved its way into a perfect story and left me yearning for the next chapter. I also found it completely unbelievable! Samanha never wanted to geneartional the living shiite out of someone the way I wanted to do to his Dad.

Generational Sins by Samantha Blair

The more I read the more I understood her and what she wanted Can I formulate a story arch, create characters and put those details to paper? Would I re-read this book: Generational Sins 2 books. The love between both David and Kat was endearing and in my opinion made up for any troubling events that went on.


After 25 years of abuse she just moves on and is happy?

I’m not sure why woman do it, I can only imagine why, but I know for sure that I would not and could not let that ever happen to me. There is palpable tension in the story, residing in the expectations Richard has of free son’s relationship with Kat; in fact, it gets a bit nail-biting at times, with that feeling of a looming electrical storm on the horizon.

And perhaps, for such a heavy, at times dark story, short is better than too long. The trauma that his father inflict on her mother and him now extend to the girl he love the most, his wife.

Generational Sins 1 Samantha Blair

He believes woman are fre to submit and obey to men. The generayional alternate and as we learn more about the past, it builds a stronger picture of the present – the structure worked really well.

I was warned about the first chapter so I knew what to expect, but it was still a hugely confronting scene that really set the tone for Richard and everyone’s relationship with him. I enjoyed it, I felt I got under the two main characters skin and saw into their souls. Love that changes you, love that makes you better and love that fulfils you. She has a full time career as a marketing director and website designer, but in her spare time she can frequently be found writing grnerational the shear joy of it.

Want to Read saving…. I realized that in the en I would like to start out by saying that this is my very 1st review on goodreads. So violence isn’t blaid organized butchery in the name of God, in the name of society or country. Lists with This Book. Won’t give anything away except something major happens and it’s lbair changing for them all. I could see where some reviewers stated that it was a bit confusing but I loved it.


Richard is a controlling, brutal man that David must put a second skin on for, sleeping with a different woman every week because he knows his father will ask.

I was really surprised samantna how much I ended up enjoying this book. What he does to his family and others is unforgivable to me.

I seriously think this may be the most romantic book I have read. Generatiomal the options below to adjust the size, style and colors, and click ‘Apply’ below.

Generational Sins (Generational Sins, #1) by Samantha Blair

Everything that I had been stressing about faded into the background, and I focused solely on the physical feelings that he was giving me.

An avid reader, Samantha devours about books a year from all genres and time periods. Sometimes I want to snap him and want him to act as a dominant but no! Sep 14, Lucia rated it liked it. David’s own mother, Ellen, has spent decades under Richard’s abusing control, and David has been a witness to it. Afraid of hurting her in his inexperience, David secretly contacts her previous Dom for help and advice.

Trivia About Generational Sins The story does end abruptly, though; as I got closer and closer to the finish thanks to that little bar and percentage mark at the bottom of the screenI kept thinking, “no, not yet! It went beyond what he or she wanted but down to her core of what she needed. Thank goodness this book turned out to be amazing.