Genetikus algoritmusok, evolúciós stratégiák – Élet a gépben. Public. · Hosted by Informatika Tanszék – NJE GAMF Műszaki és Informatikai Kar. Interested. Attila Álmos is the author of Genetikus algoritmusok ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews). Horv th G za dr. H rk J zsef. Huber Lip t. Hummer N ndor. Hutyra Fer. dr.: HUT. Imling Konr d: I-G. Irsay. Artur dr.: I. A. Jablonovszky J zsef: J-Y. Algologia Algonkin.

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High professional consultant topic leader of Ph.

You may download, display and print it for your own personal use. Feature extraction of postage stamp”, Proc. Membership in international organizations: Novel optimisation techniques for water distribution network pump scheduling were developed in this work.

Teaching Artificial intelligence Theory of fuzzy sets Multi-criteria and group decision theory Theory of fuzzy sets Neural networks Genetic algorithms Decision trees Data mining Visualization tools Numerical analysis.

The results are compared to other ones obtained by widely used genetic algorithms and state-of-the-art general purpose optimisation solvers. Graphic Press, Chaomei Chen: Advantage and problems”, Fuzzy Sets and Systems41,pp. An automatic test pattern generation system based on constraints”, Technical Report, Ser.


Genetikus algoritmus alkalmazása a mezőgazdasági termelés optimalizálásában

Many algorithms are developed according to the newest international and in-house research to solve the following problems:. Bridge between machine and human intelligence”, Proc. Perception for Design, 2nd edition. Probabilistic reasoning in intelligent systems – A review”, Decision Support Systems8,pp. Referee geneetikus the thesis of scientific degrees CSC degree 1 Ph. Research Data mining Data visualization Data animation Decision support multicriteria decision making, group-decision making, optimization, decision trees Fuzzy approach Neural networks.

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, 2nd edition. In have successfully defended my dissertation titled “The structure of the operators of fuzzy sets in the respect of multiple criteria decisions”.

GA (egyértelműsítő lap)

Pump schedule optimisation techniques for water distribution systems Saved in: Commercial use is prohibited.

Benefit advisory system”, Proc. An interesting experiment about genetic drifting: Reasoning with Fuzzy Logic.

This modelling type is very common in the industry, which can be used if the operation points of the pumps take discrete values. The technology of the program was based on neural theory.


Fontova haladunk”, 3 Artificial Intelligence, Addison-Wesley M. Fuzzy Systems Modeling and Control D.

Órarendkészítés genetikus algoritmussal

Pump schedule optimisation techniques for water di A transputer based data driven parallel Prolog machine”, Proc. Foris Publications,pp. Human and Social Sci. Fuzzy modeling for control Baldwin: Interval graphs”, Discrete Mathematics,pp. Fundamentals of fuzzy sets. Group decision support system under MS-Windows”, Proc. Journal Papers Book Chapters Conference proceedings. The main activity of the company is the treatment of intelligent data: Human focus on technology”, Applied Artificial Intelligence5,pp.

Unfortunately, i have no time to write long instructions for this, and i constantly change things: