Results 1 – 50 gg. RSS: Involved Subbers gg. expand all. +. Ep · Title · Subber · File Size. Quality. Video · Audio. All too frequently, I’ll see a fansub with: * One Join us on Discord! -anime . Even when the video is H with soft subs, why wouldn’t it make . That’s how they’re handled with the His and Her Circumstances DVDs, and also some Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror and Mononoke subs I. First episode by gg-fansubs: %5BC52A64B9%5D. torrent Worth to notice that the first episode was aired Friday.

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Also I just went through and cleaned up the categories for every post I have ever made.

Friday, July 16, at A right of passage for all aspiring Shounen series. The entire flashback is pretty great. Kaiser-Eoghan There’s some shows I passed on lately. Amagi Would be cool if someone’d just do a somewhatdown to earth crime or thriller series with cop MCs without any ridiculous magic subplot, superpowers or crazy villains with ridiculous hairstyles. Once again, Planetes goes for one good episode, one iffy one. There was one fanubs incident though, where someone discovered that extremely long subtitle lines crashed VLC.

With any other fansub group, nobody would have cared, much less posted about it. I think that with some more episodes or if the show properly began its story sooner, maybe even ayakashj a few fights more time would have been allocated for more interesting content.


mihimaru GT -…

I hope it will make directors understand that the audience isn’t as stupid as they believe them to be and that they actually try more stories that show and hint instead of blatantly tell most anime even repeat the same relevant information more than once. It was a… well it was a rather short road to get here all things considered, so lets skip the preamble and jump right in!

Kaiser-Eoghan After 10 volumes Houseki g does a pairing. Kaiser-Eoghan My top ten shows of are as fxnsubs The pacing, content and conclusion is just so much better as in the series. And they ended up choosing the second horn of their dilemma. Fasnubs fun to watch.

There are probably a bunch of other good movies.

At this time, H. Kaiser-Eoghan I find it hard not to give balanced out reviews of series and films.

Animosh I don’t know, rushing through the source material just to get to a specific point in the manga can completely ruin an adaptation. Anonymous Then season 4 or the 2nd cour would be about Sugimoto and Pals’ bogus journey to find Fznsubs, picking up where season 2’s finale left off.

Animosh The epilogue also elaborates on the circumstances of Ash’s death to some extent, so if you’re confused you should give it a read. Wednesday, January 19, at This time Honda-San teaches us about publishes and dives into a world of demons and fantasy. Till then, this particular story kind of got me interested in giving Gankutsuou another try, since the animation style really turned me off to it. That’s why I thought about the idea that Sugimoto got retrograde amnesia from losing some of his head and forgot some of the events prior to the raid, so he has to remember what happened.


Ghost Guild like details or facts about the Daemons, Characters, Places and others to know more about them.

A story about a fansub group < WALLS OF TL;DR

Amagi Do agree with you too that it would have been nice if the content of the last episode would have happened in the course of two episodes. Some, like One Piece have weathered it and come out Golden, while others are better forgotten Looking at you Bleach. Amagi New series from the mangaka of Girls’ Last Tour. Anonymous Time to read the manga lol. Two Heroes, in my opinion, is closer to former.

Anonymous Doubt there’ll be a second season, but they did announce there’s going to be three more episodes next May covering an extra story. Saturday, December 11, at Wednesday, August 25, at The third, Bakeneko, is an original story. This was soon investigated and moved upon, and for a long time there circulated a version of a Code Geass episode that made VLC crash.