Frederick Buechner’s novel Godric presents the historical hermit Godric realistically. Frederick Buechner’s Godric “retells the life of Godric of Finchale, a twelfth- century English holy man whose projects late in life included that of purifyin. Godric Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and Godric by Frederick Buechner.

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Snow beat upon the roof. There was a little bit of everything in this book – even a little Canterbury Tales in the the chapters about Godric’s pilgrimage to Rome – that part was my favorite.

The bishop eventually exiles him, however.

We might dare to liken the river Wear to the river in Hesse’s Siddharthawith Elric the hermit as the ferryman in Hesse’s novel, were it not that these facts are an integral part of Reginald’s narrative. The sky will be your cap, the rain your cloak.

Aug 04, Sarah added it. Prescott, Newsweek ” Godric is a memorable book It should not merely entertain but inform us about the lives and ideas of the past without forcing us to resort to textbooks and scholarly tomes we naturally avoid. I hate how Godric and his sister fell in love with each other, but were doomed to never find social acceptance of their relationship.


Godric himself declares his godrkc a portmanteau: Godric’s life is anything pristine. Among his students was the future author, John Irving. Eventually, a local monastery sent Reginald to record Frfderick life. His life is the opposite of the one recommended him by Cuthbert; he drinks, fornicates, cheats, and even robs.

Buechner pursued all the correct research; there are no anachronisms or shoddy chronological tricks to mar the facts. Buechner has the gift, that is for sure.

Godric Summary & Study Guide

All on his own, Mr. Not for everyone, but certainly unique and compelling. That is a lengthy introduction buechneer Frederick Buechner’s Godrican introduction which hopefully sets a criteria for evaluating this novel. To the hermit and the solitary — and to each person who pauses long enough — is the insight that we have so much worldly contrivance to drop from our backs to lighten the journey.

fredrrick Buechner has managed to reinvent projects of self-purification and of faith as piquant matter for contemporary fiction [in a book] notable for literary finish Buechner, like most of the aforementioned names, did not specialize in historical fiction, but all the better is the result.

Travis Moger rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, if the novel were merely a searchlight revealing through darkness the sanctity of a man its narrative would blind. This was a rough and rude Medieval tale of a real-life man who became a hermit.

G lived 50 yrs. Those trees will be your house, you’ll wear the river for your scarf. So now, allow me to urge you to buechne this book.


Her voice came quiet now. Jan 03, Winston rated it it was amazing. Jun 29, Michael Toy rated it it was amazing. I scoop out the jakes of my remembrance, and he censes it all with his clerkish screed till it reeks of mass…Just the sight of his sheep-face gives me the cramp. In The Eyes of the HeartBuechner tells of the final call made to him from the deathbed of his close friend since childhood, the poet James MerrillBuchener writes ‘ever since then the ground I stand on frederkck felt less sure and solid beneath my feet.

He becomes a peddler and a pirate, eventually works for a nobleman, but leaves when he discovers he is a crook. Wow, what a summer that was.

Godric Summary & Study Guide

Pulitzer Prize Nominee for Fiction You seek to change his changeless will. Put it right at the top of your list. It is an artistic work that weaves an intriguing narrative a finger to the propagandistic lives of the saints in a convincing medieval voice that cajoles with humour, cynicism and pathos.

Godric starts to truly convert on a pilgrimage to Rome with his mother.