V.S. Naipaul was born in Trinidad in He came to England on a scholarship in He spent four years at University College, Oxford, and began to write. Guerrillas has ratings and 82 reviews. AC said: This is only my first read Naipaul — I listened (via audible) to Bend in the River, and loved it crux of the plot of Naipaul’s novel, Guerrillas. This fictional text his literary achievements, Trinidad-born V. S. Naipaul has produced an impressive array.

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Roche had decided that some time ago. Through the damaged characters who populate this novel we see the power struggles played out on a petty scale, while in the background they are echoed in grander style.

Combine with his rather terse, Hemmingway-esque syntax I think I have found a new author to add to my shelves.

This particular novel shows, unstintingly, the author’s foulness: Not a necessarily good technique but I suppose one that is needed due to the flat delivery of the guerrills turmoil surrounding the characters, which we never really feel, as we are too close to the petty discomforts of the white man in Africa syndrome. This is the first Naipaul book I have read and it was a bracing experience – not exactly enjoyable but compelling guerril,as thought-provoking a cinematic analogy would be a Michael Haneke film perhaps, in whcih the reader is also complicit in the misdeeds being described.

The Americans are raping the land, the locals are petty and corrupt, any political resistance is in disarray: But the relentless pessimism and anger and hate, made me feel as if I was being harangued by a barroom crank, no room to disagree, and his smell lingers. Of course, as the novel winds down – the last 20 pages or so – the three protoganists all decide that they will do something.

GUERRILLAS by V.S. Naipaul | Kirkus Reviews

But I’m afraid that every great writer has his off moments and that’s what I feel we are looking at here. Jan 27, Alex rated it really liked it. I haven’t been as bored reading a novel in quite a while. She cheats in this story, out of boredom and spite, and the reader wants to hate her – as a woman, her casual approach towards sex is intimidating – and is happy when given reason to. So, that adds it own layer of complexity — not only are gender and sex important themes in the novel, they are in the approach to the story by the author and reader.


I’m glad this was written. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Want to Read Currently Guerrillass Read. Yes, I guess thats what Guerillas is really about. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of guuerrillas humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars v.s.naipxul.

It is disturbing because this book feels very real and believable, and what does that gyerrillas about the reader He brings an uncompromising intelligence to a unique perspective on the world at large, as it is seen by the multiracial, multicultural children of Empire who as a consequence of their mixed heritage, are political orphans in perpetual exile.

Minor point, but the father is much stronger than the son. Amid the tumult of a societal crisis, the climax of the book is violent and tragic.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Worse yet, Jimmy’s is early in the novel and then we are left with a cliffhanger that foreshadows Jane’s demise, so we are left reading over pag The premise of this novel had much promise, but sadly the execution was lacking.

Perhaps a colonial writer at some gerrillas needs to shuck the yoke of guerrillaa origins and move onto other themes.

Guerrillas by V. S. Naipaul | : Books

There is a bored liberal named Jane, a girl who passes from one sexual partner to another, forgetting about the previous as soon as she moves to the next. Jane; what the hell Mr Naipaul? No, but thats not really true. I’m fine with the gruesome events that happen to her, hey this is a novel and so be it. A story told from his point of view and focusing on his experiences would have been much more interesting. It is only words, it is not exactly words. As they socialize with the privileged, Roche finds Jane contradictory and politically naive about her own place in the power structure, while also being challenged about his own motives and purpose.


It is disturbing because Roche knows about what happens to Jane, and is in some ways relieved. But it will also probe the relation between literary description and literary murder in the context of a nameless neocolonial state, a liberal intelligentsia, a failed revolution, and the perverse logics of domination constructed by race and gender.

An inevitability cannot perform that function.

Nov 17, David Freeland rated it really liked it. In terms of its ability to build tension, fill readers with a sense of dread – the sense that something horrible is about to happen – Guerillas may be one of the finest novels I’ve read.


Want to Read saving…. Did a review of this book here: If meaning in fiction is guerrjllas attempt to create somatic experiences for the reader, then technique is a way of creating empathy for a character’s feelings. Nov 01, Nathan rated it really liked it.

Naipaul no doubt believes the event inevitable–he wrote a nonfiction account of a guerrillaw episode–and thus leans into its inevitability. I have been a big fan of Naipaul and have enjoyed his earlier works and his non-fiction travel writings. Jun 05, Adelaide Mcginnity rated it it was ok. This is a novel told on two different levels; each character is distinctly human, and yet each character is a metaphor for an aspect of the post-colonial v.naipaul.

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When the brawling, hungry slum that comprises this tiny republic explodes in flames bringing a swarm of U.