9 April — Guido Giannettini, Agent Zeta, is smuggled out of the country by the SID . 17 May — Gianfranco Bertoli throws a bomb at Milan police headquarters: 4. Guido Giannettini on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more. Phone, Suggest a phone number Guido Giannettini was an Italian secret agent . p>ActivismGuido Giannettini was born August 22, in.

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Guido Giannettini – Biography – IMDb

Guido Giannettini August 22, — May 12, was an Italian secret agent. Marco Pozzan Freda loyalist. But the judges chose to stick with tradition: Romanzo di una strage Actors: Giannettini presented there one of the main reports.

It was proved he had definitely been in Rome on the afternoon of giannettiji December And if none of them is wrong, then none of them is right. Its fore-runner, the PCI, used to adopt a more schematic viewpoint the facts about the state massacre which it knew to boost its own own access to power.

Anni spietati — Milano — prima parte In fact, the Court of Cassation endorsed the verdicts acquitting Carlo Maria MaggiGiancarlo Rognoni gukdo Delfo Zorziall three of them characters and, at gguido time, members of the neo-Nazi Ordine Nuovo organisation in the never-ending story that began on the afternoon of 12 December When questioned by StizMarchesin admitted that the crate had been given to him by Giannfttini Comacchio on behalf of Giovanni Ventura.

Guido Giannettini

True, he made them after having suffered a stroke that left him somewhat impaired albeit that his medical reports, which were not taken under consideration, insisted that he was fully in control of his mental faculties.

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He was tried immediately and sentenced to one year, but was soon released. The senator-for-life told members of the carabinieri ROS that he had learned in that the bomb planted in Milan had not been meant to claim any lives and that a SID agent, Rome lawyer Mateo Fusco di Ravellohad been on the brink of leaving Fiumicino airport for Milan with the mission of preventing the attacks.

He was about to board his plane when he heard that the bomb had already gone off. In Vittorio Veneto, Guido Lorenzon visits lawyer Alberto Steccanella to report that a friend, Giovanni Venturamay have been implicated in the 12 December bomb outrages.

April — Following the order for proceedings tabled by Judge Salvini, Grazia Pradella and Massimo Meroni are appointed prosecution counsel. It was his idea to commission the publishing of thousands upon thousands of pro-Chinese leaflets, which he entrusted to Stefano Delle Chiaie for distribution through Avanguardia Nazionale and Ordine Nuovo members. To the aid of the politicians came the judge gianettini Milan, Luigi Fenizio to whom the investigation had passed when Alessandrini was killed by members of the underground Prima Linea organisation on 29 January who forwarded an order declaring their innocence to the parliamentary commission of inquiry.

Lorenzon was so overcome with guilt at his betrayal of his friend Ventura that on 4 January he told him that he had approached the magistrates. For instance, Paolo Molin from took a copy to show to Ordine Nuovo activists in Venice, including the members of the cell run by Delfo Zorzi.


After a few hearings the court declares that it is not competent to hear to hear the case. On 7 November Comacchio went with some carabinieri from Treviso to collect the explosives.

The entire affair throwing up a far from irrelevant issue: The Ring Masters Freda and Ventura were finally acquitted on 1 August and thus could not be charged with that offence.

Gianadelio Maletti is sentenced to 15 years for destroying and concealing evidence. Anni spietati — Milano — seconda parte Giannettini participated to a colloquium on ” revolutionary gianenttini ” on 3—5 May in Rome Parco dei Principi hotelwhich was organized by the Institute Alberto-Pollio, “quasi-exclusively financed by the SIFAR ” [3] military intelligence agency.

Guido Giannettini was born August 22, in Taranto. Rauti is returned as deputy on the MSI ticket.

Student Enzo Santarelli dies when struck in the chest by a tear-gas canister fired by the police. He mentioned it to his friend Ventura and — surprise, surprise giannettoni Ventura admitted that he was one of the authors of the document.

Guido Giannettini – IMDb

But the verdicts handed down in NovemberNovember and finally by the Court of Cassation in March cleared the conspirators of all charges. Investigators finally kitted Lorenzon out with a tape-recorder to be used secretly in conversations with Ventura. This single location in All: