The Way of the Shaman has ratings and reviews. Christine said: Harner is the creator of what is called Core Shamanism (the ‘shamanism’ and pr. In , Harner published The Way of the Shaman: a Guide to Power and Healing. Students in the United. This classic on shamanism pioneered the modern shamanic renaissance. It is the foremost resource and reference on shamanism. Now, with a new introduction.

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Whether you are looking to improve your life or to practice shamanic healing in your community, we look forward to thw you on your shamanic path. InHarner published The Way of the Shaman: I was just wondering if any of you had read the book and could tell me if there was anything worthwhile in there especially for someone who is new to this.

The American Indian Quarterly issn. He gains access to a whole new, and yet familiarly ancient universe that provides him with profound information about the meaning of his own life and death and his place within the totality of all existence. Mar 28, Andrea Marley rated it really liked it. Life in an indigenous society is painted as quite idyllic in The Way of the Shaman, for example the Macaebos drank guayasa instead of coffee all day.

Michael Harner

It described how the author, doing fieldwork as an anthropologist, had an intense and frightening hallucinogenic experience under the influence of ayahuasca. Ten years after it was first published, this is still the leading resource and reference for all those interested in cross-cultural and current forms of shamanism: Harner pioneered the introduction of shamanism and the shamanic drum journey to hxrner life and is recognized as the world leader in this movement. After traveling to the Amazon where he ingested the hallucinogen ayahuascaHarner began experimenting with monotonous drumming.

Other the first chapter, the part of the book I find most intriguing is Appendix B.

That being said dismissing it is far easier than sitting with such alien and often disturbing concepts. His latest book Cave and Cosmos: I thought his account was fascinating, so I bought the book. Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. So I removed the other shaman book by this author from my reading list bc that one is about hallucinogens used in shamanism, but I’m not going anywhere near ayahuasca or datura and I’m marking this as read even tho I only read about half.

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This is the book that founded the movement written in When I picked this book I expected to get a bit more research on the subject, not the author’s interpretation of what shamanism is to him. Apr 08, Joshua Gross rated it it was ok Shelves: If you really want to learn about shamanism, skip this New Age drivel and go to the history books. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.

There’s a moment when he explains a kind of divination technique t When I picked this book I expected to get a bit more research on the subject, not the author’s interpretation of what shamanism is to him. To the author’s further credit, he encourages people to make full use of modern medicine, with shamanic healing being an addition rather than a replacement. His focus is very much on using Shamanism for healing purposes.

As much fun as that sounds, I’m just I’m reading the Third Edition of the book, so it’s a bit old and outdated Perhaps this perception sounds a little too non-rational for most people but after a shamanic experience these truisms become more and more real.

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner

I would stick to Rorschach anyway, of course, but I guess it’s way cheaper staring into some random rock instead of paying an expert to have you tested. Seeking to distance themselves from the earthly authority of the spirit world as exemplified through churches, this generation has yet to find an adequate substitute in any other religion.

Wandering in the other worlds willy-nilly is very dangerous. As for the jankhri in Nepal, I will be learning from him next to doing volunteering so it’s not exactly “tourism” as my primary objective is to help those less fortunate in the village but I realise that adopting and performing his rituals in my native land would be meaningless.

Michael Harner Biography

Michael Harner is the founder of a movement called “contemporary shamanism”. This book has been used as thf resource for newer books i. I offer you a portion of that strategy and welcome you to the ancient shamanic adventure.

I’m reading the Third Edition of the book, so it’s a bit old and outdated Harner was traditionally initiated into shamanism by a South American tradition. Chapters two and beyond were aimed at teaching people how to become shamans and do shamanic healing.


The Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism

Home Help Search Login Register. By introducing these methods to the West, he started the movement that is returning shamanism and shamanic healing to the spiritual life of peoples throughout the planet. First, a little about Michael Harner. Create your own ways and methods, those pf work for you. There are a lot of cautions that newbies should not attempt some of the more advanced exercises until they master the basics. Thd like anything Jung wrote about alchemy.

In Harner left academia to devote himself full-time to his new project, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

After all, if it is just his journeying methods that work well for me, it immediately becomes something of value does it not? The founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Dr. As a counter-example Sarangerel’s “Riding Windhorses” and “Chose by the Spirits” provide similar material material but with added context.

Quotes from The Way of the Sh My conclusions about him are based on reading his work, and seeing what their work has spawned in the decades since they first published.

I’m not sure what the purpose of The Bone Game is or why so many pages were devoted to it. He then goes on to provide a basic definition of shamanism, describe altered states of consciousness, journeys in detail, how to haner a power animal, how to practice shamanism, and what it hzrner like to extract harmful intrusions.

Shamanic work is attractive to moderns because these practices can be carried out in spite of or busy lives.

Second editionBerkeley and Los Angeles: The Hopi believe that all life, animals birds, insects, trees an plants appear only in masquerade during ordinary experience, that they surely have a human-like experience in another world. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Very helpful and rewarding.