body. By using Helen Greaves as a pure, unobstructed ‘channel’ Frances Banks has been able to get such a wonderful “Testimony of Light” across that – as the. When Frances Banks died her friend Helen Greaves was by her side. Then, one evening, some three weeks after Frances’ death, Helen. Testimony of Light is a document of lasting importance, telepathically transmitted to Helen Greaves by a close friend, Frances Banks (an Anglican nun), who had.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Moving and inspiring, this classic book is a testament to the enduring power of their friendship, and offers gfeaves important message to us all—that the death of the body is but a gentle passing to a much freer and fuller life.

For years I’ve been intrigued by books from people who had near death experiences. As the author relates, even the closed-minded ones eventually see the light I also felt that many things were hinted at, and then left for us to kind of piece together.

This extraordinary encounter marked the beginning of contact between them lighy both sides of the veil—between life as we know it and life on “the other side. Adventures of the Soul.

The Journey After Life. Further Adventures into the Flipside Volume One. It is a very interesting conversation between the two women and really does provoke in the reader deep thought on the seemingly unanswerable questions about what may become of us in the ‘here-after’. I would like to know the relationship our family has with us there. A lot of fascinating concepts to think about that appear to corroborate why near death experiencers from all ethnic backgrounds talk of the light, love and peace that they felt on the other side of the veil and at the same time speak of seeing things that seem to fit their frame of earthly understanding i.


It’s eye opening and helped me to envision what my geeaves is experiencing “on the other side”!

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Those who have understanding of some things on both sides of the veil will recognize many of her experiences as having truth in them. Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife. Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations: A lot of fascinating concepts to think about that appear to corroborate why near death experiencers from all This is a very unusual book, published in England inabout what the next world is like.

Gdeaves 24, Paige rated it it was amazing.

Testimony Of Light: An extraordinary message of life after death by Helen Greaves

Can one imagine a higher recommendation? This book is very fascinating A must-read for those interested in our sojourns in the afterlife.

The Medium Next Door: But a good friend at church highly recommended it, so I am willing to try again someday. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. After all, this is testomony only chance we get with the players and circumstances assembled this way. Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer. Paperbackpages. Imagine if you were able to connect with a lighh friend who has already passed, and they shared information about what the next dimension of consciousness is like.


Testimony Of Light: An extraordinary message of life after death

Her work in heaven was not that different from her work in her religious order, since she counselled and helped newly arrived souls make the transition. How I Died and what I did next.

Frances Banks llght, as she had lived, fully aware of what she was experiencing and where she hoped to go. Like many people that have lost loved ones to death, I have become fascinated with the afterlife. May 13, Roberta Grimes rated it it was amazing. Regardless of the fact testimohy believes or not in these things, you will think Whether you choose to believe Helen was contacted by her friend Frances Banks this is still a fun, and interesting book with a hopeful testomony.

Banks talks of being clothed in garments of light, of the absence of time as we understand it, of the service that we are engaged in as we teach others, of temples of learning, of the possibility of eternal progression, and so much more.