HERNIAS DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL ZONAS DEBILES DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL 1. Hernia epigástrica. 2. Hernia umbilical. 3. Hernia. Objective: Spigelian hernia is an uncommon abdominal wall defect. La técnica quirúrgica dependerá de las características del paciente, la hernia y la. H. epigástrica. . TÉCNICA LAPAROSCÓPICA• visualizar el defecto de la hernia y la anatomía circundante con claridad y ampliación.

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HERNIAS DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL by valeria rodriguez on Prezi

The most frequent symptom is pain and the presence of a lump. Laparoscopy approach allowed us to explore abdominal cavity and rule out any damage to the bowel loops that epigastricx have passed unnoticed. Evaluation of spigelian hernia by CT. That case presented as an incarcerated Spigelian hernia but during ultrasonography exploration it got reduce.

However it could be difficult to identify them during the physical examination as the hernia sac is located beneath the aponeurosis of the external oblique.

Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; However it was Klinkosch in who first described a spontaneous lateral ventral hernia at the level of Spieghel’s semilunar line 4. Am J Obstet Gynecol ; The gold standard is TC in doubtful cases.

Modality of laparoscopic treatment is still on discussion. Despite all this help that imaging techniques offer there is still a small percentage of patients requiring emergency surgery: Alicia Ruiz de la Hermosa.

After this report only isolated cases, congenital SH associated with cryptorchidism or quifurgica Satorras-Fioretti review about abdominal wall hernias of unusual presentation which included 12 patients with Spigelian hernia 6 have been published. Generally speaking, laparoscopic approach results in less infection rate, quicker incorporation to activities of daily living, less postoperative pain and specially avoids opening the external oblique aponeurosis and therefore a risk reduction of recurrence 1.


Br J Surg ; Diagnosis of Spigelian hernia is basically clinic. All of our patients had symptomatic SH.

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La morbilidad postoperatoria es escasa. Spigelian hernia appears between the fascia of the anterior rectus, internal oblique and transverse abdominal muscles. Rev Cubana Cir ; 44 4. We carried out a retrospective review of patients operated on epigastrixa to Incidence and outcome of surgical repair of spigelian hernia.

Sometimes the way of presentation is a complication that requires emergency surgery. Lower SH are below the level of the inferior epigastric vessels and that can lead to mistake a SH for an inguinal hernia.

Hernias de Spiegel: Nuestra experiencia y revisión de la literatura

Patients and methods We carried out a retrospective review of patients operated on from to hdrnia our Hospital. Laparoscopic repair of spigelian hernia: The second symptom in frequency in our patients is the suirurgica of a lump, but as mentioned above, due to anatomical characteristics of SH, the lump may be not palpable as shown by Moles et al who refer the epigastriica Diagnosis and management of Spigelian hernia: Introduction Spigelian hernia is an uncommon variety of abdominal wall defect. It occurs because of a weak area of spiegelian fascia which is localized between the semilunar line and the lateral edge of the anterior rectus muscle.

Although diagnosis must be established clinically in most patients on the basis of a high level of suspicion, a proper anamnesis and a thorough physical examination, it is not possible in some cases.

We nernia treated 39 patients, 25 female and 14 male, with a mean age of 70 years. Other common symptoms are nausea, vomiting and altered bowel rhythm although all these vary depending on hernia sac content.

After that laparoscopic approach has been widely described in literature. Most of SH are situated underneath the external oblique muscle, between the different sheaths of abdominal wall, and therefore, SH are also called interstitial, intraparietal or occult hernias.


In addition to previous or concomitant hernias tecnicca a risk factor we have also looked for other medical conditions such as COPD or prior abdominal surgery.

Symptoms can vary and mostly are unspecific so that a delayed diagnosis is frequent.

Carter JE, Mizes C. Spigelian hernia is an uncommon abdominal wall defect.

In two patients a bowel resection was needed because of incarceration although the hernia sac quirurica found was usually preperitoneal fat or omentum. A review of literature and our experience. A high index of suspicion and a thorough physical examination is needed to make a correct diagnosis, although in doubtful cases it is advisable to perform a sonography or better a tomography.

Ugeskr Laeger ; Results Between January and December39 patients underwent surgery for Spigelian hernia.

Personal experience and review of the literature Hernias de Spiegel. As regards to postoperative morbidity literature describes minimal and mild complications such as wound infections, paralytic ileus or haematomas.

Two treatment modalities can be used, transperitoneal so called intra-abdominal and extraperitoneal. The authors’ own experience and a review of the literature. Apart from the type of surgical approach exists discussion about the need of a prosthetic mesh.

Diagnosis and treatment of Spigelian hernia. The Spigelian hernia SH takes its name from the French anatomist Adriaan van Spieghel, who described the semilunar line for the first time in The hernia appears to peak in the qquirurgica decade of life eipgastrica is more common in women. An analysis of cases.