houseboy Ferdinand Oyono begins his haunting tragedy at the end of a Cameroonian houseboy’s life. “Brother, what are we,” Toundi Onduo. Ferdinand Oyono has really done a great work with this fictional work. portrayed this in the life of Toundi when he has to be the houseboy of the Commander. Ferdinand Oyono crafts a novel about the oppression black people go through in the hands of the white colonialist. In West Africa specifically.

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You can spend your free time to see this book this e-book.

Though it is a fiction, it provides a strong African voice in a time of great turmoil. Return to Book Page.

Critical Analysis — Ferdinand Oyono’s Houseboy | Regarding Race, Nation, and Our Future

It is a combination of several of these, ferdinanr necessarily an achievement in one, that makes me feel compelled to give this novel four stars.

Being aware of such a “secret” is of course dangerous though the irony is that it is no secret at all.

This novel, which was written decades ago is haunting and very powerful, evoking the colonial situation in black Africa in the past.

Naa Takia rated it really liked it. It becomes very clear that the events that go on in the house are more important to Toundi than his own life.

A journal written in Ewondo, the indigenous language of the Maka, translated by its founder into French. That advice is what many people of color consider life’s script now. In many ways, Christianity bby the first wave of the European imperialist invasion. Houseboy follows the narrative of a young African named Toundi. Colonialism in Cameroon through the eyes of a houseboy. The one character that disagrees, Jacques Salvain, the headmaster of the housdboy, makes a scene by comparing the lack of morals in Cameroun with the lack of morals in Paris.


His father beats him constantly, and one day Toundi runs away from home to the rescue of Father Gilbert, a priest who lives nearby. Ferdinand Oyono crafts a novel about the oppression black people go through in the hands of the white colonialist.


That lyono important to yo7u to understand how the improvement of the world. It is a wonderful novel. He is celled in a hut neighboring the police headquarters; however Toundi has a friend who works in the police station. There is a memorable passage in this ferdiannd that reflects how much Toundi initially “worshipped” the whites; when he first meets the wife of his master and she awkwardly shakes his hand. She was simply nasty, rather French colonials could be awfully nasty.

The violence would have been more removed, she said. Mar 07, Darkowaa rated it really liked it. Books like this aren’t always fun to read.

Through a young boy’s eyes the reader gets a glimpse into the consequences of the colonial world as it touches Cameroon. Paperbackpages.

The theme of colonialism in reference to houseboy, novel by Ferdinand Oyono

Oyono’s writing style is simple and poetic at times, I loved the form through which the story is told- a diary and I particularly loved the way the main chara Colonialism in Cameroon through the eyes of a houseboy. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: User Review – Flag as inappropriate Ferdinand Oyono has really done a great work with this fictional work. His name is mendim, who in the description of other prisoners as the very masculine.


In the end our narrator finds himself in an awkward situation though in no way culpable: In addition fr gilbert shows him off to other white men about his abilities as if showing of something bought and expensive such as a watch, car or even a pet. Remember me on this computer. When we see Toundi’s white master implying that the “boy” smells badly, it mirrors the sentiment of the black girl lover of a whiteman who complains about the smell of her white boyfriend!

Houseboy giving you information deeper and different ways, you can find any guide out there but there is no publication that similar with Houseboy. May 05, Rebecca Lawrence rated it really liked it. Agnes Amero November 6, What a wonderful analysis — insightful, eloquent and engaging.

Though he was advised to flee by Kalisia— the reader screaming internally at Toundi, begging him to depart— he remains. Concentrating on the political economy of knowledge construction and dissemination, they look at the variety of ways in which development policies are received and constructed to explain how local knowledges