Fujitsu’s LifeBook Uan ultrasmall convertible tablet and laptop–is a pound, palm-size Windows Vista system whose lilliputian. Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the availability of the palm-sized LifeBook(R) U mini convertible notebook. The Fujitsu LifeBook U mini notebook is part of the second wave of UMPCs running on Intel’s new energy-efficient Ultra Mobile Platform.

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Skip to main content. Between this, the fingerprint sensor, a BIOS password, a hard disk password, Windows login, and ht,l ability to disable the USB port or any other recordable media, the U Series seems adequately protected. Sporting a versatile design, intuitive controls, best-in-class keyboard, and outstanding battery life, it was well received by mobile tech enthusiasts and the star of many favorable reviews.

Review: Fujitsu LifeBook U – Pocketables

Status Indicator Panel Below the keyboard is a foursome of status indicators left to right: The keyboard on such a small device cannot be very large, and it isn’t. Htmk journalism is made possible by advertising.

With a standard four-cell battery, it delivers up to 5. As soon as text needs to be entered, however, the hands must leave their original position and move downward so that the thumbs can reach the keyboard.

Although not as quick as my TZbeing able to pick up the U after it’s been sleeping overnight, flip open the lid to awaken it, and be online in 15 seconds is fast enough for me. Fujitsu has taken a Windows PC users can decide whether to have Vista or XP preinstalled and shrunk it as much as possible u8100 it can be carried around much more easily than a h810 or an ultralight notebook.


The display can be positioned to suit just about anyone’s liking, so viewing angles are excellent. All ntml have preprogrammed primary functions as well as user-defined secondary functions.

Additional controls and other features are scattered around the screen bezel.

Fujitsu Announces Availability of the LifeBook U Mini Convertible Notebook – Fujitsu Caribbean

The primary issue when typing in UMPC mode is that it involves a frequent shift in hand position. Jtml is either via manipulation of the resistant-membrane touchscreen, or via a stick point located on the upper left of the keyboard.

And for down time, the bright 5. At the time of release, the U was an impressive machine. A and drop dead good looks. The notebook form factor may not be particularly ergonomic when held between both hands, but the relative thickness and utml of the U actually make it rather comfortable to hold.

With the extended battery installed, the little u8100 tips the scales at 1. The mini-keyboard has a little flex, which reminded me of the LifeBook T The little Fujitsu LifeBook U may weigh just 0. The LifeBook U notebook is packed with a suite of advanced security features to safeguard information, including Trusted Platform Module support and two-level BIO lock, along with a fingerprint sensor for encrypting sensitive files with a finger swipe.


Since my needs are not identical to yours, your take on the Fujitsu U’s performance may not be in accord with mine. Tablet PC functionality is built into the unit’s Vista Home Premium operating system, so TIPhandwriting recognition, and gestures are all supported.

Drop the hml broadband and GPS while giving users an extra inch of room to manoeuvre, and – performance issues aside – the Fujitsu Lifebook U could become a palatable PC in a neat little package. Display The mini notebook is equipped with a hgml 5.

Review: Fujitsu LifeBook U810

Hopefully Fujitsu will smarten up and include a real processor to power this device. Please, switch off ad blockers.

Fujitsu Computer Systems has established itself as a strategic solutions provider to the world’s leading organizations by offering technology innovation, customer choice, exceptional product quality and reliability, as well as outstanding customer service. The convertible design lets the Fujitsu LifeBook Uu810 be used as a notebook with a keyboard or – by swiveling the screen – a tablet.

I know this is obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be stated. Fujitsu offers two power options with the U Series. It feels more natural on a table or desk, but lap use is definitely not out of the question.

The U is a solid little tablet.