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Accessibility of the service concerns mainly the availability of audiovisual content via alternative sensory amministrazione.viletype, for example, using text or sign language, or audio description. These requirements differ in scope and technical rules, those technical differences might limit the correct use of accessibility features when broadcasting the service outside the Member State.

In particular, clarification on the voluntary role of European standards and their limited effect to prevent the divergence of national legislation. When the new Directives enter into force, lack of accessibility requirements at the EU level will result in further fragmentation at national or local level. New messages systems provide new opportunities but their interoperability and their use in calls remains an issue.

An EU initiative would directly or indirectly facilitate the exercise of the following rights: A public consultation was held from Two-thirds of respondents say that they would buy, or pay more for goods and services if they were more accessible and better designed for all. For instance, disabled consumers cannot currently benefit for a genuine Internal Market for accessible mobile telecommunication devices and services.

The divergence in accessibility requirements concerns for example, the number of rooms that need to be accessible, and technical accessibility requirements that vary largely across the EU. EU Directive defining common accessibility requirements for the selected goods and services, as well as in the area of public procurement — immediately applicable to all Member States.

Based on the current legislative situation described in Annex 6, it is assumed that in12 Member States will have adopted divergent accessibility requirements for private sector websites. Concerning the built environment, of the sample of 9 Member States, all have adopted general technical accessibility requirements for hospitality services and facilities.

Less evidence was found to illustrate internal market barriers in the area of the built environment, particularly when it comes to immovable goods. As noted above, the fragmentation of the legislative situation in the EU27 architect service market leads to additional costs for architect firms.


The lack of legal certainty as to what requirements are practised in other Member States including how the accessibility obligation is interpreted also hinders free movement in the sense that the economic operator will often rather focus on the better known national markets instead of investing time and money to trade cross-border.

This relates specifically to the uncertainty for industry of having different countries developing their own sets of accessibility requirements.

In particular, legislation seems to be needed to ensure that private facilities and services opened to the public are accessible. Only action at the EU level can create a harmonised and coherent legal framework that will allow the free circulation of accessible goods and services in the internal market.

In the Strategy, the Commission has proposed to use legislative and other instruments, such as standardisation, to foster accessibility. The objective of such initiative would be to facilitate for companies operating in the internal market the development of accessible products and services by reducing costs related to fragmentation and barriers in the market. It is left to the Member States to further implement those obligations. The technical specification of nell relating to persons with reduced mobility PRM TSI 86 serves the purpose of harmonising benchmariing and permitting interoperability.

If those transport services are not fully accessible for all consumers, certain consumers cannot fully benefit from all available services. Those benchmarkint are on the results but do not really describe the way to achieve them. Many of these legislative acts have an internal legal market basis Those requirements could be different with respect to the type of information on accessibility that needs to be made available and functionality benchmarkibg, such as requirements for connectors and ports configurations, commands and functionalities of the user interfaces, key board configurations, etc.

Due to convergence of technology, accessibility requirements can be now addressed more easily due to new possibilities offered by the connectivity of the devices to the Internet.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The built environments where the services are provided are an essential component of their accessibility. The revised report takes on board the recommendations of the IAB and introduces the following main modifications and clarifications: The requirement to provide information about accessibility of the selected amministrazionee.filetype and services will however have additional administrative costs.


The market for accessible hospitality services is short in supply, i.

Technical accessibility requirements for ticketing machines and check-in machines have been identified in 8 out of 9 Member States examined. Those requirements could be different with respect accessibility standards used for the related websites. The proposal for a Council Directive on implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation which would extend the protection from discrimination beyond employment, applying to social protection, education and access to goods and services, refers to accessibility of goods and services for disabled persons, without however specifying or imposing any detailed accessibility requirements in relation to such goods and services.

The methodology used for the calculations has been further explained. The built environment, Information and Communication Technologies ICTand transport were identified as the most problematic areas focusing on their use in some key services. Several Member States require connection and access to the fixed network and services for users of relay services.

If industry does not inform consumers of what they are able to purchase, or how they can purchase it, this makes it harder for providers of the relevant goods and services to enter the market in question.

EUR-Lex – SC – EN – EUR-Lex

It is currently under discussion by the co-legislators. It clarifies that the obligations for implementation of Article 9 of the UN Convention on accessibility as well as the general principles concerning accessibility in Article 3, are of a binding legal nature and need to be properly enforced.

A number of accessibility standards are under development following standardisation requests to io European standardisation organisations by the Commission.