Intelligence in nature: an inquiry into knowledge / Jeremy Narby. some difficulty with the possibility of both nonhuman intelligence and the subjective acquis-. Intelligence in Nature has ratings and 59 reviews. Anthropologist Jeremy Narby has altered how we understand the Shamanic cultures and traditions that. Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge is a non-fiction book by Jeremy Narby. The book is an ethnographic work which continues Narby’s quest .

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We can’t even guess, but we haven’t got much of a clue on the brain.

Intelligence in Nature

Anthropologist Jeremy Narby has altered how we understand the Shamanic cultures and traditions that have undergone a worldwide revival in recent years. Narby has written three books, as well as sponsored an expedition to ieremy rainforest for biologists and other scientists to examine indigenous knowledge systems and the utility of Ayahuasca in gaining knowledge.

Even bees and lowly slime molds yes, slime molds can make intelligent decisions. May 19, Steve Paulson rated it liked it Shelves: That other living things have intelligence I intellihence believe as well.

Vines seem able of making decisions, or rather, choices, on finding food for survival. Lists with This Book. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. This one is subtitled “An inquiry of Knowledge” and nadby appeal more to the western mind that is attracted to scientific research.


INTELLIGENCE IN NATURE: An Inquiry into Knowledge

Jul 23, Dan Pfeiffer rated it liked it. I think he more than amply demonstrates his point: Still, I would say that this book is arguably worth a read if you’re into that kind of subject.

Narby has written three books, a Jeremy Narby is an anthropologist and writer. Quite disappointing after his original and interesting previous book “The cosmic im. But there’s something missing.

INTELLIGENCE IN NATURE by Jeremy Narby | Kirkus Reviews

Shared intelligent faculties in plants and anim Not as revelatory as The Cosmic Serpent but still an interesting read on the prevalence of intelligence in plants and animals beyond the accepted traditional scientific evaluation of Western science. For further confirmation, he talks to Western scientists who have done remarkable research on cases of nonhuman intelligence, like bees with abstract reasoning, crows that jeeemy standardized tools, pigeons that distinguish between the works of Van Gogh intelligence Chagall about as well as college students do, octopuses that break out of and into their tanks and slime molds that solve mazes.

Now, in one of his most extraordinary journeys, Narby travels the globe-from the Amazon Basin marby the Far East-to probe what traditional healers and pioneering researchers understand about the intelligence present in all forms of life. Narby presents the first in-depth anthropological study of this concept in the West. Having a gut feeling is not just a metaphor.


Intelligence in Nature by Jeremy Narby | : Books

This book is neither well written nor well argued. It was so fascinating. Aug 25, Anne rated it naturf was amazing Shelves: Mar 06, Alisha rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 01, Charlene rated it did not like it Shelves: He raises many examples of how animals, and even plants, exhibit intelligence.

And Western languages may lack the appropriate concepts to think it through.

Narby does a great job of distilling a lot of science into a digestible and breezy read. My gut alone contains about one hundred million neurons capable of learning, remembering, and responding to emotions, just like the larger brain in my head. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Intelligence in Nature presents overwhelming illustrative evidence that independent intelligence is not unique to humanity alone. Because, though the scientific data has come in lately, “What may still be lacking among Westerners is a willingness to accept the consequences of this kinship.

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