Intercessory Prayer. With Dutch Sheets. If God is all-powerful, why does He need us to pray? If we pray and nothing happens, does this mean that God isn’t. Sheets will inspire you to pray with courage and persistence to a God who hears Intercessory Prayer, repackaged edition () by Dutch Sheets. If you’ve ever felt that your prayers don’t count, Intercessory Prayer will and teacher Dutch Sheets explains the nuts and bolts of prayer, with.

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Yet, I found myself, when he truly turned to matters of theology often in disagreement with his beliefs about our spiritual life and about prayer.

Far too many Christians look at prayer as what you do when all else fails instead of looking at prayer as the key to success in everything. The basis of our authority is the completed work of Christ. Intercessory Prayer explores the topic of prayer to great levels. It has taught me a lot about prayer and helps you understand that God needs our prayers and our prayers DO matter!

The chapter about spiritual warfare and praying for people who ducth know Jesus was amazing!! No items in cart. Contrary to popular belief, we actually have a bright future on plan Please follow these guidelines before commenting on our website: Dutch Sheets is one of the shets voices in the charismatic world and Intercessory Prayer has sold well over half a million sheest.

See, for instance, the way he dissects the use of the Greek word pro in Ephesians 6: This does not mean the points are wrong, and I can certainly believe that were God intercessorj.

It’s one thing to hear what people have to say about prayer but it’s totally different when you start doing it. Or why you never seem to get any answers? By far the best chapters.


Watch Intercessory Prayer with Dutch Sheets

We don’t know how the enemy operates so we don’t know how to protect ourselves and loved ones. I know prayer works, and that it’s extremely important, but far too often I don’t pray as much, or the way, that I should.

Dutch Sheets has written a book that introduces and explains what intercessory prayer does and the role we play in prayer. We think that God is in complete control and while we deny that we are robots, we live like we are. This book helped me and it surely did increase my prayer life drastically!!! This book is filled with a lot of in-depth information and will deepen and enrich your prayer life. A person who is vitally in tune with God will know the difference.

Unfortunately, the book is also poorly edited, with English grammar and style like my writing i. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We can wish He had chosen a different path, but we must accept that He knows best. The book uses all three examples, so yay.

Dutch Sheets is back with this brand new series called Dream: I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about prayer. I often find that my prayer life is the weakest part of my spiritual life. Do we really know how to pray? As I began to read, I got more excited – this was great!

Intercessory Prayer

No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own. Intecessory Prayer is Awesome! Please be considerate and respectful of your fellow posters. This is not a book that you read once and relegate to the book shelf, this is a book that must be read and studied and read again.


So I didn’t actually finish this one. Jul 02, Frank Peters rated it liked it. Visit the Charisma Store to view all our specials. Do not question why someone comes to this website just because they disagree with you or the content of the article.

Pro is as common a Greek word as they come. It may be a fun journey, but you can see how problematic that method would be when applied broadly. Get in Your Inbox.

What Intercessor Dutch Sheets Can Teach You About Passionate Prayer — Charisma News

Pros also has the connotation f stepping forward and facing toward something or someone. The miracles that God did in answer to prayers. Got to pg Opened my eyes to how powerful of prayers can be and the tools that are available to help us connect with God and His abundant blessings!

His idea is that as we pray, we bring God’s authority and will into our circumstances and that the enemy’s authority over that situation is broken. Aug 22, Nicole rated it it was ok. I honestly believe every Christian should read this book!

Yes, prsyer this resource and subscribe me to monthly updates. Jul 12, Bill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Click here to keep us strong! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I would’ve put it down if a trusted mentor had not recommended it to me, and even then it took me 2 years to finish because I kept putting it down.