ITOP 4-2-601 PDF

ICS, Doc ID, ITOP Title, Drop Tests for Munitions. Original Title. Category, IS / TS. Location. ITOP Drop Tests for Munitions, Final Report on International Test Operations Procedure. ITOP (2), Safety Testing of Field Artillery Ammunition. – ITOP , Drop Test for Munitions. – ITOP , Rough Handling Tests.

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Effects of the load on the aircraft performance are moderate, but readily controllable. Summarize physical parameter measurements in a table. The cartridges shall be packed in accordance with drawing The cartridge shall comply with the following minimum Hazard Classification when packaged in accordance with packaging requirements in the contract. If the weapon is dropped or mishandled, the bolt may slam into iop primer with enough force to set it off.

These weight and dimensional limits vary from country to country. Procedures relevant to handling of shipping crates and palletized loads except for munitions such as corner drop, edgewise drop, and free fall drop are found in the following documents: Record the vertical distance from ltop ground to the load.

This matrix contains brief descriptions of the effects of critical defects that can occur in the breaching round ammunition. Employment of a spreader bar to avoid sling-to-item interference is 42–601 due to the logistics burden and additional rigging time required.

These defects are classified as critical, major and minor in accordance with MIL-STD, and when used are presented in tabular format. ABSTRACT This TOP provides guidance for preparing test plans and conducting test programs to itpp the transportability characteristics of military equipment whether towed, self propelled, or moved by carrier over highway, off-road terrain, railway, waterway, or by air.


Document any difficulties experienced in accessing or departing the load due to a lack of adequate footholds, handles, etc. The average of the extreme spread of the five shot groups used for accuracy shall not exceed 2 inches at a range of 2 meters. Energy dissipation test results.

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Describe the method employed in loading and unloading the item into the aircraft. Perforated or split case with propellant loss 6. All measurements contained in Table 2. The objective of this sub test is to determine the capability of the test item to be transported in an internal configuration by rotary-wing aircraft.

Design length is ft and 2 in. Certain required characteristics may have varying degrees of defects that are classified in accordance with the potential consequences of non-conformance. Some of this gas could also escape from the ejection port. Secured cargo vibration b. Cartridge length, max Level IV 3. Each hold on a breakbulk vessel is served by ship’s gear.

Proper safety regulations will be adhered to when using the test courses. For any ballistic test except function and casualty, where the occurrence of a firing defect prevents the obtaining of a valid result for the characteristic being tested, the defect shall be observed. Due to contaminated propellant 0 1 Critical 3. Failure to eject 0 1 Major Gross and tare weights of the test item. Mossberg – Cold b. Following successful tie-down provision testing, rail impact testing must be accomplished in accordance with TOP Record and photograph any evidence of physical damage as a result of the airdrop.

Ground contact area i. Verify compatibility of test item points with load anchoring points on the aircraft or airdrop platform. Measure the provisions to determine compliance with minimum dimensional requirements. Successful completion of design verification shall constitute the product baseline. When practical, inspect the test item periodically during transport in addition to the beginning and end of 4-2-061 voyage.


Full text of “DTIC ADA Test Operations Procedure (TOP): Transportability”

Time to rig test item. Should this analysis reveal that itpo test item or aircraft may be damaged during loading or transport of the item in aircraft, ATTLA will require a test loading of the item.

The composite two-wheeled trailer vibration environment shall simulate 25 km 16 mi. Document the load transfer procedure, including the identification of aircraft 4–601 employed, when applicable.

Accomplish the following maneuvers to detennine compatibility: In each case, load the test item to its gross shipping weight GSWwith center of gravity as 4-2-01 as practicable to the actual service conditions, and affix the load to the forklift with slack safety chains or cabling to minimize the possibility of loss of the load.

Conformance inspection When specified see 6. Speeds will be determined by specified type of test courses. External fire test d. All auxiliary equipment must be installed and secured properly.

Certificate of conformance that the projectile will not contain any toxic heavy metals or other hazardous materials see 6.

Note and photograph any vehicle interferences or incompatibilities. Projectile breakup 0 1 Major 8.