James Montier resource page with a huge collection of articles and Prior to that , he was the co-Head of Global Strategy at Société Générale and has been the. James Montier, GMO. James is a member of GMO’s Asset Allocation team. Prior to joining GMO in , he was co-head of Global Strategy at Société Générale. I met James Montier at a value investment seminar in Italy in Montier ride again motions James Montier leaving Societe Generale to.

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James Montier presents even more evidence that humans cannot forecast and why you should avoid listening to anyone who says he can as well as avoid it yourself.

The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: Lessons from behavioural finance and for corporate governancewrote at the end of January James Montier says even though it is tempting to believe bad behaviour is the result of a few rotten individuals.

Montier quits SocGen for hedge fund | Reuters

Past results are impressive in identifying under-performing companies. It follows the standard pattern of a bubble deflating, some thing that we have seen a thousand times before. If nothing fit the criteria for investing, then cash was the default socete.

Be sure to add it to your RSS reader. I wanted to inform the readers that there is a new permanent page on Value Walk devoted to James Montier Below is the page. We had long discussions later the day and into the evening on value investing and investment strategy.


If you have any interest at all in short selling this is an article for you. To assess which comes closest to describing the current market. The Evolutionary Foundations of Heuristics and Biases James Montier in December writes that a catalogue of biases that cognitive psychologists have built up over the montiwr three decades seem to have stem from one of three roots — self-deception, heuristic simplification including affectand social interaction.

You can also find it under Current Value Investors.

The details of each bubble are different but the general patterns remain very similar. Or, Ten Lessons Not Learnt from the financial crisis.

An enormous amount of evidence suggests that investors are generally hopeless at forecasting. He also found that many investors suffer the curse of knowledge and end up either picking zero or severely underestimating the irrationality of other players.

Tim du Toit is editor and founder of Eurosharelab. He points out that this is why they are all overoptimistic and how you can avoid falling into the same trap. We respect your privacy no spam ever.

Montier quits SocGen for hedge fund

Efficient markets theory is dead. He also gives a few short ideas from his shorting screen. At the Value Investing Congress incopies of the book were handed out to all partcipants. We all montieg mistakes when we make decisions.

For example he writes that the first sin was placing forecasting at the very heart of the investment process. The credit for this page goes to my colleague and friend, Tim.

James Montier | Value Invest

Our minds are suited for solving problems related to our survival, rather than being optimised for investment decisions. James Montier makes a strong argument that the mess in the US economy and housing market was not caused by a black swan event unpredictable but rather was sadly predictable. On his website he reveals what more than 20 years of equity investment have taught him — sometimes at considerable cost. The list below gives a top ten list for avoiding the most common investment mental pitfalls.


Value plus quality seems to make sense.

James Montier Resource Page

It creeps into almost every discussion on finance. However, the overwhelming psychological evidence suggests that if you put good people into bad situations they usually turn bad.

We evolved in a very different environment, and it is that ancestral evolutionary environment that governs the way in which we think and feel. Unfortunately James decreased his writings since taking a position with the asset manager GMO in Here he comes up with a collection of his best books in different categories classics, modern, psychological and hidden gems that is arguably the best reading list for any aspiring investor. Investors could move up and down the capital structure from bonds to equities as they saw fit.

James Montier, in his usual style puts himself against the common view saying that the then biggest consensus portfolio bets to him seemed to be small cap and low quality however large cap, high quality looks like the better bet to him.