This is one of marketing genius Jay Abraham’s most fundamental strategies — if not THE most. Because simply by adopting it, you can transform your entire. The term “strategy of preeminence” was coined by my good friend and partner, Jay Abraham. I’ve pondered Jay’s strategy of preeminence for. Strategy of Preeminence – Jay Abraham on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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It was clear I was not going to get to my original destination so I decided to fly home. If you want to be the preeminent business in your niche, you must unabashedly put yourself preeminencd front of your market often, with helpful communications relevant to your business.

strategy of preeminence | Steve Pohlit

The Strategy of Preeminence is perhaps the biggest, most important mindset shift you can make as a marketer, salesperson, or business owner. This is actually a subject of many books and seminars.

Not just in Hollywood, but in the business world, too. Develop step by step action plans designed to achieve the intended results. Customers will come to you almost automatically. The have become the trusted investor in the marketplace.

Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence, Revealed!

It is true United Airlines booked me on a later flight. Every email, blog article, social media tweet, status update…. This arbaham copywriting outline was behind jsy first million-dollar sales letters! For now just remember that all communication should be in alignment with your core values and business purpose.


When I got to the gate for that flight I found it was delayed and hour which would mean I would miss my connecting flight.

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Do everything you can to communicate with customers. Internal Congruence This means you must be passionate about what you do.

Get inside the mind of your customers, and teach them what they need to know to be successful. Being notified was good.

Business opportunities and deals will land in your lap. The more you do that, what was outside of your comfort zone becomes inside your comfort zone. Click Here to Sign Up!

It was so difficult that I went to the airport in Chicago and tried to resolve the situation there. Most folks go into a purchase not having a clear set of buying criteria.

Here is the key…you must take the time to pay attention and develop specific feedback benchmarks that tell you you are on track. Are you in business to maximize the value of each transaction?

Click the image above to grab a copy from Amazon. Any business relationship that helps your business move forward. Magda Kay Reply January 5, The more personal the communication the more effective you are likely to be. Never ever lose site of the goal of being part of a better outcome as a result of you coming to the table. If it is not part of your belief system then people will know you are not authentic and the status of preeminence will not be experienced. Tony Robbins calls him a genius.


Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence, Revealed! – Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

Every example is an opportunity for business to improve. Magda Kay 3 Comments. Developing confidence starts with strengthening your self esteem and then putting yourself in positions where that are outside of your comfort zone. As a business coach and business consultant at the outset with every new client, my focus is completely on how to help them achieve their intended goals as fast as possible.

Its about 30 min, but I strongly recommend you watch it.

Connect With Steve On: Sign Up For Updates. Strategically evaluate how well you are doing implementing a Strategy of Preeminence.