John Wansbrough, SOAS University of London, History Department, Alumnus. Studies History, Semitic languages, and Comparative Semitic Linguistics. It seems that the most radical assessment was demonstrated by John Wansbrough in his exceptional works, Quranic Studies: Sources and. To launch into a discussion of John Wansbrough and his ideas is a daunting Wansbrough’s ideas deeply must be equipped with several languages in addi.

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Geiger’s study was motivated by the underlying thrust of post-Enlightenment work generally, which promoted a sense of curiosity to which no particular value was added over and above the desire to know the previously unknown. Accordingly I found the book very tough going.

I would say that when we speak of the Quran in this context, and if we joyn going to have a meaningful discussion of the question, three elements must come into play: It is much easier to accept that when Arabs exploded out of Arabia and conquered territories to the West, the North and the East that they took with them their existing religious beliefs and their memorised religious book than to wqnsbrough that a Quran composed years later in Mesopotamia could then be foisted upon everyone and passed off as having originated years earlier.

However he also ignores all other historical information as no historical facts are cited anywhere in wansbrpugh book. The American civil war had taken place with large losses of life, even if the casualty statistics transmitted orally had become unreliable. Wansbrough began studying early Islamic manuscripts and the Quran.

John Wansbrough – Wikipedia

The haggadic literary devices were many and varied. The birth of Islam during the lifetime of the Prophet is by far the most significant thing that has ever happened in that part of the world, and parents told their children about it in an unbroken chain.

This situation is illustrated by consideration of the sheer quantity of scholarship that has been produced and the number of scholarly landmarks that exist in the field.


I believe we would reliably know:. Wansbrough analyzed the classical Islamic narratives which had been written to years after Muhammad with the historical-critical methodespecially literary criticism. Apart from the short biography supplied with the book and the profile on Wikipedia, I know nothing else about Wansbrough.

Slavery of black people had been practiced in the South, and ended by the Civil War. No longer was the Quran being approached from the mediaeval perspective of polemic grounded in the wansbtough that Muhammad was a religious imposter.

The wansbruogh value of Muslim scripture lies, it seems to me, not in its role as source for the biography of Muhammad, but rather as source for the concepts eventually applied to composition of the Muslim theology of prophethood. But historiography, like other kind of literature, derives an important share of its momentum from the rhetorical devices upon which it depends for expression, that is, upon techniques designed, developed, or borrowed to enhance and to interpret its communication.

This page was last edited on 9 Wansbroghat There was a whole body of stories, known as the Israiliyat in Arabic, known at that time from which Muhammad pbuh took the themes in the Quran.

However leaving aside what I believe as a matter of faith, I have a number of criticisms of Wansbrough’s approach and his conclusions.

Since there were Jews to the north of the Hijaz and Jews to the south of the Hijaz, I do not understand why Wansbrough regards it as incredible that there were Jews in the Hijaz! It is quite rare for the author of a book to succeed in irritating me no matter how much I might johb with what the author has written but Wansbrough has succeeded in doing so.

By variants he appears to mean multiple versions of the same story within the text of the Quran.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the most accessible comments he makes is:. This is a serious deficiency.

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Sources and Methods of Scriptural Interpretation. Journal of the American Wansbrougj Society [] Their historical core is meager and cannot be detected. The book is based entirely upon textual analysis of the Johnn and the various manuscripts. Students and scholars who doubt the traditional view of the genesis of the Quran as well:.

HawtingPatricia Crone and Michael Cook.

A thought experiment set in America Scientists often use “thought experiments” as a way of testing or explaining their thinking. Wansbrough devised a new theory that the Quran was composed much later and in Mesopotamia. Wansbrough does not even attempt to address how a Quran could be composed in Mesopotamia, ascribed to a fictitious prophet from the Hijaz, and then spread throughout the Muslim world as having canonical authority without anybody objecting and without anybody writing down either that it was happening or expressing any concerns.

The sectarian milieu, content and composition of islamic salvation history (John WANSBROUGH)

Wansbrough basis much of his view that the Quran had not yet received status as a recognised authority for doctrine or for policy from one of the sources he discusses. Demonstration of the ‘historical development of Abraham in the Quran’for Moubarac the evolution of a composite figure out an originally dual image, required not only a verifiable chronology of revelation but also the structural unity of the Canon.

Once separated from an extensive corpus of prophetical logia, the Islamic revelation became scripture and wansrough time, starting from the fact itself of literary stabilization, was seen to contain a logical structure of its own.

The standpoint of the author in matters pertaining to the practical administration of justice was characterised by Schacht as a recommendation of procedural uniformity, to be imposed by the government sic upon a situation of juridical chaos.