I’ve always been surprised how hard it is to find Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises” in the public domain. A few years ago I stumbled on a. Mechanick Exercises: Or The Doctrine Of Handy-Works, was written, printed and published as a serial by Joseph Moxon between & and the. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (17th Century English Crafts) MOXON, Joseph. Mechanick Exercises or The Doctrine of Handy-Works. Praeger Publishers.

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These iterations will have some subtle changes to my earlier designs. This waiver does not extend to any page images or other supplementary files associated with this work, which may be protected by copyright or other license restrictions.

Moxon’s Mechanick Exercises – Joseph Moxon – Google Books

Of Stairs, and Stair-Cases. Of Turning Flat Boards. He also speculated that Arctic ice was created near land, and that if one sailed far enough northwards, one would be free of northern land masses and, subsequently, ice.

The bookplate of the BPL is present on the front pastedown. What do you charge for a single chair that took six months to build? Click here to see the current classes we offer. An Explanation of Terms used in Carpentry.

In Novemberhe became the first tradesman to be elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. Of setting the Iron. Of the Legs, mecyanick Stiles.


Tools used in Brick Work. Views Read Edit View history. Of Hook-Pins, and their use. After the First English Civil War the family returned to London and Moxon and his older brother, James, started a printing business which specialized in the publication of Puritan texts, with the notable exception of A Book of Drawing, Limning, Washing or Colouring of Mapps and Prints of which was produced for Thomas Jennera seller of maps. Of Carpenters Chissels in general.

I found my copy on Google Books which appears to be the same scan from the University of Michigan. An acquaintance attended a two-year program at a prestigious school and graduated with a glowing transcript. Of Sockets, or Chocks, belonging to the Screw-Mandrel. May 14, at 4: InMoxon visited Amsterdam and commissioned the engraving of globe-printing plates, and by the end of the year was selling large celestial and terrestrial globes in a new business venture.

Of Framing for the Floors. Of the Screw-Plate, and its Taps. Of the Drug, and its use. Of Grooving Hooks, and Grooving Tools. The Use of the Strike-block. Of Turning long and slender Work of Ivory. The making of Jacks, and Bullet-Molds, the twisting of Iron, and Case-hardning it, with the use of some Tools not treated of before: Of the Great Wheel.

Of the Draw-knife, and its use. Of the Treddle and Cross-Treddle. Silver makers of campaign furnitureI stumbled on HathiTrust again. You may likewise find it Geometrically thus. Mechanick exercises, or, The doctrine jossph handy-works by Joseph Moxon. Of the Moving Coller marked b, in Plate The Use of the Smoothing-Plane.


Free Download: Joseph Moxon’s ‘Mechanick Exercises’ | Lost Art Press

Of the Hollow Axis, and its Shank, marked a in Plate Of the Pikes and Screw. Of the Drill, and Drill-Bow. To describe the Scima Recta, or Ogee, both ways.

He specialized in the printing of maps and charts, and in mexhanick production of globes, and mathematical instruments made of paper.

Joseph Moxon

Download this pdf about a professor who built one. Of setting up a Smith’s Forge. In Januaryhe was appointed hydrographer to the King, despite his Puritan background. Of moxxon Adz, and its use. Very cool scratched mouldings that are rare today.

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The link is for the section on joinery. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. And now Concerning the Foundations. The title is stamped in gilt onto a black spine label. May 14, at Of the Exercies Rod, and thereby to measure and describe the Ground-plot. May 13, at