Twenty-eight isolates of Kabatiella zeae from five countries were used to study variability of the species. A comparison was made of the size of in vivo produced . PROCEDURE: 1. Randomly select seeds; 4 replicates of 2. Wash thoroughly in running water to remove chemical seed treatment. 3. PDF | The eyespot in maize (Zea mays L.) was detected for the first time in ParanĂ¡ and Santa Catarina state. The fungus Kabatiella zeae was identified as.

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For effective protection against K. Prevention and Control Top of page Thorough cultivation and crop rotation can kanatiella early infection by K. The spots gradually become darker and the centres, which become more brown, may fall out.

Kabatiella infection on maize leaves remains visible even when the leaves die. Even a known source of resistance such as the line Oh43 can be subject to infection in the case of epiphytosis Reifschneider and Arny, Incidence of diseases under field conditions on maize Zea mays cultivars in Dourados.

Early waxy and high quality protein maize inbreds: Revista de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, 5, 9 2: This Add-on is available at http: Canadian Plant Disease Survey, Plant Disease, 69 2: Czaplinska S; Przybysz M, Landwirtschaft Schweiz, 4 Glasnik Zastite Bilja, 27 3: Winter W; Menzi M, Pencic V; Smiljakovic H, See below for more information.


Cultural and morphological variability of Kabatiella zeae. Lily Eurwilaichitr and Dr. Leaf kaatiella are initially single, but rapidly spread to cover the entire leaf area.

Hodowla Roslin, Aklimatyzacja i Nasiennictwo, 37 4: Deep ploughing of crop debris prevents sporulation of the stromas and promotes decomposition HYP3, thus limiting early season spread. Proceedings of the tenth meeting of the maize and sorghum section of Eucarpia. Knowledge Bank home Change location.

Other fungal kabatiellx Bibliography links General links Molecular links Specimens and strains links. This will help to protect your privacy. Reifschneider and Arny a detected K.

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The tissue at the centre of the spot later dies and turns tan coloured, with a brown or purple ring at the margin. Nanbo B; Thierry J, Like most websites we use cookies.

eyespot (Kabatiella zeae)

Monitoring the occurrence and severity of maize diseases in Kabattiella from to Leaf spots are initially single, but rapidly spread to cover the entire leaf area. The disease can cause severe shrivelling of the ears.

When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Walker Kirby H, Czaplinska, ; Lisowicz, The amount of infectious material can be reduced by a suitable crop rotation and thorough ploughing and destruction of after-harvest residues, particularly from seriously infected plants.

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Transactions of the British Mycological Society, 75 2: More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Introductions of non-native plant pathogens into Great Britain, Fungicides registered for use against K.


First report of eyespot Kabatiella zeae of corn in South Dakota. It is replaced each time there is a query done. Possibilities of control of maize diseases by fungicide treatments during growth. Using Google Analytics, we can see what content is popular on our websites. Preliminary evaluation zeas effectiveness of fungicides in protecting maize plants against diseases. Bohm H; Glaeser G, For practical reasons we have decided not to translate all pages in several languages anymore because it was too heavy to maintain but some of the labels of the basic and advanced query pages are still available.

The spots gradually become darker and the centres, which become more brown, may fall out. Register new name species, genus, family, etc Register new type specimen of existing taxa epitype, neotype, etc.

Diagnosis Top of page Leaf samples showing typical symptoms of eyespot should be collected and the pathogen isolated kabatiellla a weighing method.

Open the calendar popup. Plant Disease, 81 4: