Kaspar and Other Plays has ratings and 7 reviews. Kaspar, Peter Handke’s first full-length drama – hailed in Europe as the play of the decade and c. ‘Kaspar is based on the historical case of a year-old boy who appeared from nowhere in Nuremberg in and who had to be taught to speak from. Kaspar by the Austrian playwright and one of the “makers of modern drama” ( Robert Gilman), Peter Handke, is a poetic meditation on language, identity.

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Kaspar and Other Plays

Preview — Kaspar by Peter Handke. Works by Peter Handke.

His body of work has been awarded numerous literary prizes. I have to accept that the second state is nandke likely to be due to me not understanding something, and there was a lot I didn’t understand, which made the flashes of insight all the more dramatic. Dan rated it liked it Jul 04, The audience is slowly falling back on more traditional aesthetic pleasures.

What is it possible to speak of? Jul 01, Matthieu rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Whereas a house that “tumbles, smells, burns, is vacant, is haunted is not a live house” This stage is empty because objects would be in our way.


They apply their own specific coherence and hidden meanings, fixity and essence to signs. Handke’s text hanske consist “of tapes of the prompters’ speeches, sheer noise, actual taped speeches by party leaders, Popes, public speakers of every kind, presidents, and prime ministers Jul 01, Bryan rated it liked it Shelves: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

The only temporary way out, Handke seems to propound, is the installation of fissures in traditional notions of reference which would have the effect of loosening language’s ties to concepts and referents and call into question all stabilizing notions of unity, presence, coherence, voice, structure, and center. In strengthening the consensus that legitimizes knowledge, the Einsager are somehow guaranteeing the “truth” of the system’s statement at the expense of what Derrida calls “floating signifiers” and ” differance.

Would rather watch a ten-hour Sharits flick that sit in on a performance, though. Lauren rated it it was amazing Apr 23, I make no demands. Reason and science can only be understood as part of a broader historical, political, and social struggle over the relationship between language, subject position, ,aspar power.

Kaspar by Peter Handke

They are the play’s center, the authority that undertakes to form through methods of ” dressage ” Foucault’s word for “training” Kaspar into a socially acceptable role, and thus limit the disintegrating play of opposing elements. They want to confuse him and bring him to dumbness. It is kzspar because we don’t need objects.


He exposes the ideological dimension of all style and representation. University kaspwr Minnesota Press, The play itself is modeled on the real story of an illiterate youth, Kaspar Hauser, who appeared in the streets of Nuremberg in May ofhelpless and terrified and capable of uttering only one sentence: This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

Drilled by prompters who use terrifyingly funny logical and alogical language-sequences, Kaspar learns to speak “normally” and eventually becomes creative “doing handje own thing” with words; for this he is destroyed.

Ali rated it it was ok Mar 28, And that statement applies also to Kaspar’s hanrke. He was imprisoned for vagrancy and later on turned over to a guardian. Modern Drama 3 It shows how someone can be made to speak through speaking. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Einsager’ logos is the specific technique of power that uses Kaspar both as an object and later on as an instrument of its exercise Foucault, The Einsager, of course, do not indicate any difference between word and object: