Cloud computing encompasses a whole range of services and can be hosted in a . The Kasumigaseki Cloud is part of the Digital Japan Creation Project. which is responsible – among other things – of the Japanese government cloud initiative, nicknamed Kasumigaseki Cloud. They presented a. 年6月18日 Posts about kasumigaseki cloud written by Clark Parker.

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Government regulations are just one of the means by which authorities have stimulated cloud services growth. This concept is intended to accelerate joint research and development, human resource development, and exchanges using ICT with universities and research organizations in India, the Middle East, and Africa.

Retrieved February 24, Many issues remain to be worked out from masumigaseki technology standpoint.

From the mainframe era of the s to the advent of minicomputers in the s, the personal computer PC in the s, the growth of the internet and the web in the s, and the explosion of cell phones and other smart, web-connected devices in the past ten years, computing has been reinvented in many ways over time. In addition, efforts will be made to greatly expand markets for digital programming by fostering and reinforcing creative industries, including consumer generated media CGMdigital signage used as a new advertising medium by businesses and government, and programming created on a daily basis in the educational and government fields.

Click on image to see enlarged view. The project seeks not only to create new digital industries but also to revitalize the Japanese economy by maximizing use of the potential of ICT supported by world-leading broadband infrastructure, increasing efficiency and creating high added value in existing industries, and generating new value by strengthening collaboration among different industries.

In addition, venture capital subsidy systems will be improved to accelerate the development of new industries by startup companies. Participating firms have a ready-made, on-demand computing infrastructure, freeing financial resources for other needs and making the start-ups more likely to thrive and create new economic wealth and jobs in the city.


Because of this, revitalizing regional communities by using the power of ICT to make connections is an urgent task.

Kasumigaseki Cloud

There are currently no significant trade barriers that favor kasumigaweki cloud providers over foreign ones, making Japan a strong market for foreign involvement.

Retrieved August 3, The CIO is attempting to institute massive strategic changes, both in mindsets and operations, in the federal information technology area. The country has existing comprehensive intellectual property IP and cybercrime laws, protecting IP stored on clouds from theft and offering recourse in case of breaches.

For individuals, cloud computing means accessing web-based e-mail, photo sharing and productivity software, much of it for free.

For the cloud model to work in the public or private sector, it is essential that there be: Also, this concept will be employed to support the construction of the Kasumigaseki Cloud Data Center tentative name as infrastructure for government information systems, such as the Kasumigaseki Cloud. In addition to growing participation by Chinese ICT companies, Japan has strong domestic cloud firms, such as Fujitsu.

Japan ranks among the top Asian markets for almost all categories used in the rankings, including broadband quality and intellectual property protections. For the cloud model to work in the public or private sector, it is essential that there be:. ICT will be used to renew local communities based on the autonomous settlement region concept espoused by the MIC.

Specific measures will include accelerating the development of in-school LANs, distributing terrestrial digital televisions, developing and distributing educational materials on media literacy, educating students about information morals to promote the safe use of ICT, and computerizing school administrative work by using ASP and SaaS.

In addition, the development of test networks will be supported cliud acquire operating technologies for IPv6 the successor to the IPv4 currently in use. Despite the existence of an established market with local competitors, domestic players do not seem to enjoy trade barrier-related advantages over foreign vendors. In Europe, he identified cloud efforts under way specifically in Sweden, France and Spain.


Overview of Cloud Computing in Japan |

The project comprises the nine action items set forth below. Press release, June 16, By focusing on technologies in which Japan excels and introducing them to markets quickly, new digital industries will be established, leading to the revitalization of industry, enhancement of international competitiveness, and improved consumer services.

Nevertheless, Japan offers substantial opportunities for cloud providers in and beyond. ICT is recognized as an international strategic field.

For example, in AugustGoogle announced a partnership with five Asian ICT companies to construct a new fiber-optic cable system connecting the United States with two Japanese cities, Chikura and Shima.

Efforts will be made to efficiently develop and operate information systems with the aim of greatly reducing electronic government-related development and operating costs while increasing the pace of processing by integrating shared functions, increasing collaboration among systems, and providing secure and advanced governmental services.

In addition, the diffusion will be promoted of a system to transmit local contents via wireless communications to car navigation equipment and displays set up in taxis and trains, on streets, and so on.

– content strategies

Using the cloud services factory, software developers can readily access the computer resources they require for projects. Creating the Kasumigaseki Cloud Accelerating the use of ICT nationwide will require the government to take the initiative in kasunigaseki measures. He found that in addition to setting up internal, private cloud environments as Spain is presently working onEuropean nations were beginning to explore the use of cloud-based computing in the following areas:.

What is cloud computing?