The Khabouris Codex is the complete Peshitta NT containing 22 books, in comparison to the ‘Western’ NT Canon which contains 27 books. The missing books. Some facts about the Khabouris Codex. READER QUESTION: So, I’ve heard a lot about the Aramaic English New Testament which is a direct translation of the. Hebrew New Testament translation in Hebrew letters from most Ancient Aramaic Khabouris Codex sources.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Six pages three pairs in the Gospel of Matthew, Pages, and are written in the text type, East Adiabene which is represented by the font East Adiabene V1.

Ultimately Rivera developed a new, experimental method. The aging process took its toll on the Khabouris Codex, what you see above is one of the better pages. August 25, by fortheloveoftruth. The NY Times article by Bess Furman goes on to say that a group of scholars had examined the codex on behalf of the Library of Congress and verified that it was authentic.

Khaboris Codex – Wikipedia

In that listing, which is no longer khavouris it stated: Yes, stitching was considered, but it would have been overwhelmingly difficult to accomplish — considering we were dealing with over pages as well as the introduction of many more complications in the stitching process.

Kaitlyn on Was Easter Borrowed khavouris a Pag…. Albeit this is an impressively ancient manuscript, but it’s not the paint job on the car that makes or breaks the evidence, what matters is what’s under the hood. The last part of the Book of Hebrewswhich according to the Eastern book order is at the end of the manuscript, has suffered damage and wear so some sections are illegible. Six pages in Matthew’s Gospel, namely 13, 14, 39, 40, 53 and 54 are written in the East Adiabene script.

  DELL C1765 PDF

And, because each image is of such high coeex, you can set up a full page shot and the additional steps required from film are unnecessary! The reason for this, as with many early Eastern translations ‘versions’ khaboyris probably be traced to the Lectionary system. The Khabouris is one such New Testament.

It was written in Estrangela, an ancient Syriac script, in black iron gall ink. It should be noted that James Trimm of HRV fame along with the Don Hargis accessed the Khaboris as a resource although it is unclear what use it would have been to him since he is not fluent in the original khbaouris.


He claimed the Yonan Codex b had been in his family since the 4th century. It was a pleasant surprise to the team at Better Light to discover that the Super 6K Monochrome camerawas sensitive enough to capture a UV fluorescence image!

I have pointed out khanouris scribal error which the scribes didn’t correct. Several levels of resolution were captured for each page, from about 30 MB to over MB.

My words shall not pass away. Complete transcription, includes all 22 books in one file Original version – complete Khabouris Codex transcription including english translation and images of the original manuscript, PDF-format It is believed that the Yonan family took the ancient New Testament codex and fled with it to Iraq, then they brought it from there to the United States of America.


Click here or on the photo below to see closer detail of the top and side segments outlined in yellow. The History of the Khabouris Manuscript Hits: The message in Y’Shua’s Teachings becomes even more logical, and ever more centered around the concepts of Love and Forgiveness. This likely generated the Western Queens Gazette article referenced above. It should not surprise us that the K.

These letters, words and larger areas have been carefully reconstructed using the Peshitta text in red.

In the article, which covered the Phoenix Art show, the author describes Melikian showing the Khaboris Codex b to visitors in a private viewing.

The later medieval copy Khabouris b is found in a London Sotheby’s auction record, the “Notes” section of which states, “Correspondence from shows that the British Library experts had dated it paleographically to about the twelfth century, and this has now been confirmed by a research team assembled in America inas well as by carbon dating by the University of Arizona in giving the date range — AD.

The cracks in the script I had seen under the microscope appeared to be due to the natural process of the ink aging and curing over the centuries.

Home Khaburis Manuscript History. The project was just overwhelming for most photographers to meet my criterion.

That manuscript was named after Mr.