Kingdoms of Kalamar Fantasy Campaign Setting Well now, here is an. Retrieved ^ “Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Becomes Official Dungeons & Dragons World”. Wizards of the Coast. Kingdoms of Kalamar is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting created setting in the year , and even had a brief 4th edition update.

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Adventure hooks are written as rumors, not facts – you decide which are true, and which are not. Archived from the original on February 11, Over 30 different products have been released to support it. Kingxoms have your way.

Kingdoms of Kalamar

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Sourcebook of the Sovereign Lands “, and ” Vol 2: This means the names are consistent. While monsters and fantastical creatures exist, they are not so numerous that they begin tripping over each other.

However, humankind’s historical arrogance means that racial tensions and skirmishes are common, except in certain cosmopolitan cities and along trade routes. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: The setting appeared in two books, ” Kingdoms of Kalamar, Vol 1: Views Read Edit View history.

My Red Hand of Doom campaign journal: The streets are full of the brave and foolhardy, eager to draw steel and strike for little cause, and war between kingdoms is a constant occurrence. Personally, I don’t think they had to go to 4th edition at all. The year consists of 13 months, each divided into four 7-day weeks.

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The titular Kalamar Empire, long the dominant power over the world, is fracturing, resulting in a time of great upheaval as different provinces exert their independence, and foreign empires seek to take advantage of this. Each governmental body is fully described with their history of war and peace.


These adventures and more are yours when you step into Tellene. Still, its influence is felt almost everywhere in Tellene. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! The downside is that KoK can take its “low fantasy” focus a bit too far.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: The New World, Part 9: Fortunately, these immense deities still lend a minute fraction of their power to clerics that serve them, and all aspects of religion are provided, from holy 4d to clerical raiment to full descriptions of their canons and more. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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This page was last modified on 24 Octoberat Kingdoms of Kalamar has always had those as player races, I think. As it’s a 3e setting, it’s understandable that they’re not incorporating the new player races too much.

Inhabitants of Tellene believe it the entirety of the world, although the source-material hint at lands beyond the edges of the map. Its provinces declare independence, hobgoblin kingdoms thrive and foreign empires expand, while the monsters of the land grow stronger than ever.

Sorcerers, wizards and the like exist in Tellene, but they are uncommon among all of Tellene’s inhabitants. These orbit Tellene with an 80, 34 and 28 day Orbital period respectively. Half-orcs, on the other hand, are much rarer. They may work to guide events, but a creature of flesh and blood can no more perceive them or their plans than an ant can understand the universe, and their statistics cannot be measured in terms of game mechancis.

You can help 1d4chan by expanding it. Taking place on the continent of Tellene, on a world so primitive that its natives believe there is no other land apart from it, Kingdoms of Kalamar is best defined as a Low Fantasy Medieval RPG; casters are rare, most NPCs are low level, PCs are the only “true” heroes in the land, magical monsters are rarer than in, say, Forgotten Realmsand the general tech level is Late Iron Age at best.


The continent of Tellene is the focus of the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting. An exception to this would be if the place was conquered, in which case the place name is often renamed by the victors. The townsfolk easily confuse wizards – and especially sorcerers – with clerics, and arcane spells may be misunderstood as miracles.

Barbarian horselords war among each other for control of the cold north, while Slennish cultists kidnap the innocents left behind the lines. Ads by Project Wonderful! The preview PDF looks pretty cool, I really like the maps.

Most of the world uses iron, and less advanced cultures still use bronze or even stone. The Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting is kungdoms after the great Kalamaran Empire, which once covered much of Tellene.

They have a right to make people jump through hoops for the rubber stamp, other people have the right to say “we kalamaar need the label, thanks”. Just reading through Tellene’s pantheon of deities will give you inspiration for untold gaming sessions and adventures!

Because the setting is driven by the actions of ordinary men, even a low-level PC can have a profound effect and shape the world with his actions. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.