Jim Grimsley is a successful playwright and novelist who has produced, in Kirith Kirin, a singular work of fantasy. The story revolves around Jessex, a boy of. At his side are the king, Kirith Kirin, and the other twice-named. The twice-named can be killed, but if they are not killed in battle, poisoned, etc., then they live. Kirith Kirin. Weesam 11/6/ Email. Jim Grimsley usual writes gay literature, and wins awards for it. This makes you wonder what made him decided to.

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Also, apparently The Last Green Tree reveals that a lot of things about the Kirith Kirin kiritn are dark and creepy and it’s like It was part of the story view spoiler [actually, Kirith Kirin tried to fight his feelings, because everyone knew it was bad news to be a magician’s lover hide spoiler ] and it wouldn’t be the same if you took that out.

Let’s read a couple pages of Kirith Kirin before going to sleep. It was a long, slow book. Grimsley is not a fantasy writer, he usually writes realistic fiction and stage plays.

Kirith Kirin Book Summary and Study Guide

But the telling of it! He goes from eager boy to view spoiler [powerful and self-confident magician hide spoiler ] over the period of a long training montage and a view spoiler [magical coming of age type ceremony hide spoiler ]and it all seemed rather one-dimensional to me. So it seems unfair and almost criminal that he should sweep in a write one of the best fantasy novels I have ever read.


It is mediation and deep trance instead.

Grimsley’s writing is excellent too. You either get drawn into it, or you don’t, and if you do, you’ll stay no matter what.

Since Jessex is writing for posterity, it makes sense for him to slip in the cultural context of the Third War as he lived it. And Jessex becomes friends with the other jiss Is the series dead? It also had a very Kigin most definitely recommend it.

The twice-named can be killed, but if they are not killed in battle, poisoned, etc.

It adds a fresh dimension to the story; it’s not about a teenager chosen one bumbling around, it’s about the chosen one reflecting on his teenage bumblings. Grimsley’s book requires more of the reader: Normally, all these thi This novel is a high fantasy that is driven by its world building, to the detriment of the plot. Jessex’s later musings about how the prophecy that summoned him to Arthen had been God calling him to be with Kirith Kirin also rang false to me.

On one hand, it often makes the text difficult to understand all right, there is a dictionary in the end of the book, good luck using it when reading: Kirith Kirin and his followers, staying in the forest of Arthen, a place where the queen cannot go because of its powerful protective kiith, plan to remedy the situation.

Kirith Kirin by Jim Grimsley

Kirith Kirina uniquely elegant and creative fantasy saga, dense and intricate in text, complete in one volume, is highly recommended to open-minded readers ready and willing to truly lose themselves in a wondrous, fantastic other world. I think I’ve rambled on for too long without really saying anything of substance.


The anger is his own and will have nothing to do with you. Skip to the last one in the post if you’re not interested.

Jessex leaves his home to serve the legendary king Kirith Kirin kirihh discovers a lot in the process – his aptitude for magic, for one thing, and his love for Kirith Kirin, for another. I gave myself to Fimbrel, my whole spirit, lost in magic as one can be, when one is lifted, as when music lifts a singer to sing beyond his ability.

Mail Web More Posts 6. But the prose soon became a snooze, with long descriptions of every place, the travelling of the main character, the tons of back stories. Plus, i had a huge problem with the romance and the main charcaters.

He’s probably the least annoying fifteen year old character I’ve read in a long, long time. There’s an amazing story here, but sometimes it can be hard to see under the weight of all the lore the author just keeps kiritb on. Jessex is an adolescent on the verge of manhood when the winds kirkn destiny catch him up into a struggle that has been blowing across the land.

Maybe I slept through the kirij where they talk about how the system of him and his sister trading places every so often, but I missed it.