Jodidarachi Nivad – Laingik Shikshan (जोडीदाराची निवड – लैंगिक शिक्षण) in Marathi by Anil Bhagwat – Download ebook on. – Buy Laingik Shikshan – Jababdar Vartanasathi – Marathi Version of Responsible Sex Education book online at best prices in India on – Buy Laingik Shikshan book online at best prices in India on Amazon. in. Read Laingik Shikshan book reviews & author details and more at.

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I shikshann like to pruchase the book on health issuse. There is an all important critical chapter on symptoms of Cancer, prevention, early detection and treatment.

Worldwide, the number of persons over 60 years is growing faster than any other age group. People please stop commenting on Harsha Malhotra – Shameless guy, inspite of getting so many dislikes he is still defending himself. Being imprudent on health issues at young age would lead to health problems through the later part of life. James Thu, Dec 1 Congratulations Dr. Edward is a great blessing to our community and I pray that he may do much more significant contribution to the Konkani literature.

Jim Dsouza Wed, Jul 24 I would like to pruchase the book on health issuse. And now by touching the topic of health of seniors Malgadyanchi BolaikiDr Edward seem to have completed the entire cycle of human life from infancy to elderly stage.


Thanks Stan for your reveiw. Also knowledge on health is always good to keep ourselves fit and I think we must read this book and there is no doubt about it. Please let me shiksan how to go about it for the prucahse.

Doctors rarely diagonise and give the full storey of a patient instead treat the same as the patch work done to the roads in Mangalore.

Very intersing comments from him. Can any one tell this book is in Konkani language or in english or Knnada.

Laingik Shikshan – Google Books

Edward Nazareth for your new book and thanks to Stan Ageira for the excellent review. One person defending himself with plus people. If this book is not meant for you,atleast its useful to your parents in New Delhi.!

Sneha H Wed, Nov 30 Good work sir. Congrats on such a big achievement. Remedial measures have been suggested to these lingik and several other old age related frailty. Edward on the release of this valuable book for the lay persons. Methods and techniques for the prevention of health-related disabilities has been placed in the hands of our senior and yet to be senior citizens. Hope to get my hands on the complete series of the books. ,aingik

I salute this doctor who has reached millions of people with helpful tips to live shikshab. They are not for time pass reading. Don’t ever think if more than dislikes will change your point of view. If our lives are in God’s hands then why should we go to hospital for our physical and mental check up?


For those the advice on health helps.

Malgadyanchi Bolaiki is a precious contribution. Its a very useful guide for the elderly people.

I am sure this publication will be a great success!! You may read how people are eager to solve their health problems by doctors’ advice?

Laingik Shikshan By Dr. A. P. Choudhari,Diamond Publications

You are a real gem of Konkani as well as Mangalorean Catholic Community. If they were pessimistic and say,its “God given’ why they try to solve the problems? The requirement of sex at old age, the difficulties, the challenges and answers are explained in best possible way.

Edward, Congratulations on the release of your book. Some basic information on old age sex is provided in this book. Congratulations to the prolific author.

Laingik Shikshan

Indiscipline in lifestyle increases health risks. Harsha Malhotra Thu, Dec 1 Mr. Good Work and your comment justifable as per I am concerned. Fernandes Wed, Nov 30 Dear Dr.

Harsh’s comment remind me of ‘kauravs’ and 17 of ‘pandavs’.