1 ReviewWrite review? id=LIm3AAAACAAJ. Wolna kultura. By Lawrence Lessig. About this book. 15 Lawrence Lessig, Wolna Kultura [Free Culture] (Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne, Warszawa, ), p. 16 See Creative Commons, Choose a . book by Lawrence Lessig. Lawrence Lessig. 2 references. imported from Wikimedia project · Portuguese Wikipedia · imported from Wikimedia project.

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This idea is to ensure the open access to cultural heritage on both levels of canon texts and informal narrations.

Nowy front walki z antypiratami. Twórca Creative Commons wkracza do akcji

It is the architecture that brings lawrrence the three main spatial environments that we live in and with today: However, they are not working chaotically—they respect procedures, create structures and standards. In the preface of Free CultureLessig compares the book with a previous book of his, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspacewhich propounded that software has the effect of law.

A day after the book was released online, blogger AKMA suggested that people pick a chapter and make a voice recording of it, partly because they were allowed to. In this context, copyright piracy is prevalent in Poland and legal tools aimed to protect interests of artists have failed. But the nature of the property that builds a free culture is very different from the extremist vision that dominates the debate today.

Lessig Lawrence Wolna kultura, http: Therefore, the necessity for the networked society is to provide rules and limitations of liberty. Filozofia Publiczna i Edukacja Demokratyczna. The Fate lfssig the Commons in a Connected World. On one hand the Internet is the biggest archive of semiosis, and on the other—its main problem is the usability of enormous amount of accessible data.

Never ever before—even on ancient Agora—has such an open and transformable sphere of human communication existed.

It preserves the Web from being forgotten IA website. Some metaphors treat intangible objects as tangible ones intellectual or artistic work and might pose difficulties mentioned above. Lawrence Lessig understood that culture development means remixing its contents freely, operating on masterpieces of previous epochs, rebuilding and reconfiguring texts and images of both well known and forgotten artists Lessig From the beginning of the Internet, and especially after the 11th September, the visible tendency is that the US and EU governments try to control the Web on behalf of the mission of defending citizens from both defined and undefined threats.


It serves as well to construct bases of knowledge by groups of experts. In response to a real, if not yet quantified, threat that the technologies of the Internet present to twentieth-century business models for producing and distributing culture, the law and technology are being transformed in a way that will undermine our tradition of free culture.

Change font size You can adjust the font size by pressing a combination of keys: Assign to other user Search user Invite. For dolna who as Electronic Frontier Foundation develop from libertarianism to liberalism—it should be strengthened as much as it is possible but without breaking the law. This is a fragment of a dynamic museum of electronic culture. Cultural memory enabled people to contradict the natural order of things in the world where the information tends to fall into oblivion, simply disappears.

Bursts of self-expression exposed here seem to reach exorbitant scale and provoke the proliferation of communicational activity. On the other hand projects like Internet Archive try to direct the group energy rather towards common work, not play or talk.

Therefore, the Web logic is indicated by:.

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It may seem at the lzwrence not to be very valuable as a product but it is now a very promissing process, which is continuously developing and which has quite a big chance to become a valuable product. American culture was born free, and for almost years our country consistently protected a vibrant and rich free culture.

,essig lessig etech05 This is why Web 2. Discussions and votings are the basic rules of common monitoring of the content.

Marzec | | Anna Maj

The early individualism of the Web is now replaced with social activities on various levels. Professor Lessig analyzes the tension that exists between the concepts of piracy and property in the intellectual property realm in the context of what he calls the present “depressingly compromised process of making law” that has been captured in most nations by multinational corporations that are interested in lawrrnce accumulation of capital and not the free exchange of ideas.


But the Web is, first jultura all, its users. Multiple tags, not simple meanings: Translations of cultural paradigms are fundamental for this process. Citizens used to be free to think whatever they liked. Wikipedia is—in opposition to closed analogue and digital knowledge networks—the tool of decommercialization of human knowledge.

On one hand the popularity of projects like Wikipedia indicates the importance of social communication and collective construction of knowledge. LessigCreative Commons fundaments can be found in the concept that each artistic creation can alwrence free or open to remix if its author allows other people to do this CC website. Submitting the report failed.

Free Culture – Wikidata

Free Culture ‘s message is different, Lessig writes, because it is “about the consequence of the Internet to a part of our tradition that is much more fundamental, and, as hard as this is for a geek-wanna-be to admit, much more important.

Currently societies stand on the edge of the next step: The belief in perfect user—stemming from the Rousseauvian lwarence of man—has been undermined by the multiple acts of electronic violence. Lessig claims that a free culture can develop faster than a closed one—which is positive both for kultyra and recipients Lessig They claim that objective reality is always a social construct, the result of inter-human connections, and that man is a social construct as well.

Although it does not mean that corporations will fall or owlna not at all, in fact they are even better than ever beforelaqrence means that they are no longer the only power distributing senses. For extreme libertarian communities the freedom of the Net should be infinite. The Project Gutenberg [1]: Conversation with Derrick de Kerckhove. On the other hand, the law should evolve.