Instructional DVD on combat with the Messer (or Long Knife) according to the teachings of fencing master and priest Johannes Lecküchner. Inspired in the popular Langes Messer from s. XV, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a. Leckuchner created his manual in the Grand Tradition of Lichtenauer’s Zettel, so he holds pretty close in both his format and techniques.

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Vier sennd der zinnen die soltu gewinnen Der wag nymb war wo sy sey mit gefar.

If he feels for And presses firmly towards the nape of the neck Strike over the right arm And take the balance at the elbow. If you want in the armed manner, etc. If you are to praise the art And the Messer is taken You should not delay And unbridle the man. The Wecker turns the point to the face Overcoming the point is the end. Indes winnd wider auf sein rechten seitten.

Saend [33] [34] Das der meze[r] der kunst setz Ein wider pruch wider den Eegemelt[e]n pruch vnd spricht kurtz schnel schlecht er [etc] das soltu also verstan Gett er mit hang[e]ntt[e]m messer auf deyn lincke seytt[e]n vnd will dich mit der kurtz[e]n schneyd[e]n auff deyn kopff schlag[e]n So fall Indes schnel In dy gewappendt handt vnd stich Im zu dem gesicht ode[r] prust vnd Gee vast nohend zu Im [etc]. Hye sagt der meyste[r] vnd melt den grundt des messers vecht[e]ns vnd spricht yndes vo[r] vnd nach [etc] Das soltu alzo verstan das dw vo[r] all[e]n ding[e]n recht ve[r]neme[n] solt dy zway ding das ist das vor vnd nach.

Seq r Sr die ab setzen lere text[us]. Strike the Wecker to the left Show the changing through with it. If he has cut the hand inside Strike the hand and the stroke may win. Item will er dich Inn das BGsicht stossen.

Johannes Lecküchner ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

Namely, there are many masters of the sword who do not know the art of the Messer meseer cannot excogitate it properly. Gestu anbere were Wurstu vber lauffen gefere [89v] Ruck an schaden nicht kanst keren Standt dich frelich magstu weren. Wil er vs dem pand rucken Die hant soltu Im drucken. Item das sennd die Vier versetzen dieselben prechen die vier hut. Inn der hut luginslannd.


Ablauff enntrist den Elenpogen reyb hand zur brust Recht wiltu vmb sprinngen aufrecht Arm bricht gerinngen. Winck linck ym treffen, Haw recht lanck wiltu yn effen. Here the master states a breaking against the first Messer-taking and speaks: Bowing with the shield to the right should defend you If he wants to go after in the drawing after.

Learn to do the Wecker to the right Shorten, you should angle it out.

Messer Leckuchner

Shoot long from the hand The point, if he strikes from the Luginsland. Here the master teaches a breaking against the clenching announced before and speaks: If he cuts from inside, go through with the weak Wind over, strike and thrust, and pain occurs to him.

From the left let shoot long to the right Wind, thrust, it will annoy him. Right with left, etc. Was auf dich wirt gericht Zor[e]nhaw ortt das ga[r] pricht Wiltu yn bescheme[n] Am messer ler abneme[n]. Then, pull his right arm with leckchneer hands to your chest and swing firmly to your left side and step with your right foot leckchneg his right one and throw him over your right leg. Here the master teaches how one should take the Messer with the armed hand from the other, and speaks: Here the master states mesesr arm breaking as he speaks above: Or do the element that is also meant in the text: Indes lasz dein duseggen sincken fur dein leyb.

If you want to break the taking away with the flat of the Messer Wind in the rightway if you want to take revenge. Item wann du Mit em zufechten zu dem Mann ,eckchner. Here the master says how you should overrun the man and grab at the neck and throw. Then, the third bowing is to be done this way: If he strikes the Wecker from the left and wants to save the point Let the point go down messre, thrust at the throat.


Pay attention on the following As far as Messer fencing is concerned Learn things that decorate you And reward in friendly and in serious combat By means of that you frighten and edify skillfully the masters.

Item leg dein Duseggen auf dein linncke seiten das der ort auf der Erden stee. Then, go from behind over his right arm under your right shoulder with your right hand and press his hand under your right shoulder on your leckcchner, and turn your left side on his leckchjer one, and fall with your left arm or hand from above over his left shoulder and swing to your right side or fall on your arse and hold him, and sit at him, as it is depicted below.

Ob er tast, Und gegen nack druckt fast, Den rechten armen uberschlag, Pey dem oelpogen nymb dy wag.

Here the master teaches a skillful holding and element, and as you fall on your arse while doing the element, you can hold the man so that he cannot stand up. Beschlossen so er dich ,esser Mit trucken er dir mach mat Din messer soltu sencken Vff linck starck ler schwencken.

Messer Leckuchner – BlackFencer

Then, catch him on your left hip and throw him forwards on his face. Overwind the bowing, learn to thrust at the cheek And to break the bowing with the point. Strike your flat to the Luginsland Twitch the point through to the hand If he has displaced the thrust Leckchjer simultaneously in a twofold manner and he will be wounded.

Den zornhaw mach also. Then, he grabs you with his left turned hand in your right [arm] and wants to strike his right [arm] over your right [arm] in the joint of the elbow as before.

Indes schlag In mit deinner linnckhen hannd Innwendig Inn sein rechten Arm beyseytz.