Set number: ; Name: Mobile TV Studio; Also known as: Mobile Tv Studio; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Modern day; Theme: Town; Subtheme. Mobile TV Studio Item №: Pieces: 78 Minifigures: 1 Price: $ € Ages: 5 – 12 Released: This is one of the few LEGO sets that is TV-related . LEGO Instructions Set Number Mobile TV Studio – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions.

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But very nice if you’re just getting it now.

There’s also a little lever for operating. Nice to see a review of this set. Sign In Sign Up. This is then put in a large folder with all my other instructions.

The big TV panels are pretty neat. Leggo this review, we’ll be looking at the little blue truck that provides all of Lego City with news.

Not surprisingly, blue dominates, but there’s some grey for the chassis and camera as well. Judging by the other prices, it’s about what you’d expect. All thanks to the Mobile TV Studio! Time for another trip down memory lane Peeron has a scan of it listing the original price. Since Peeron actually lgo an inventory list, I’ll assume they have the right number.

Decent on its own, fun to integrate in a larger city. It will fit into any town and fit especially well into a classic town from the era. The van is simple looking enough, but it also has a few nice touches like the satellite dish and the monitor in the back of the van.


Then again, you’ll probably be more preoccupied with making the events happening than filming them. For that, Lefo bump up the final score half a point. He also has the luxury of two working doors. My only quibble is that there’s no accompanying set at all, but that’s a teeny tiny minor thing that doesn’t hurt the set itself at all.

While the next one was more complete with the news helicopter, it in no way detracts from this set.

Lego 6661 Mobile TV Studio

The inverted computer screen is cool as well. Man, I wish Lego would start making more leo like this. I love almost all the Classic Town sets actually, but I guess it’s due to nostagia.

Unfolded, it’s a single A4-sized sheet. Posted September 9, All dressed in white with a blue cap, this guy doesn’t get any sort of identifying TV outfit.

I’ve taken it out for this review. Already have an account?

That and the small two-engined plane There could be a TV Van, a studio, and lots more! I love this set. Sure, it’s better than just some striped sweater or a blank body, but would it really have hurt to give him a neat little TV jacket or something? The camera looks pretty neat. None of the links below have a price listing, but luckily the Dutch catalogue still featured prices.

Rather than having the more regular 2×4 mudguards, this car has 2 4×5 car bases. It’s quite nice that this car doesn’t just have the sole function of driving around. Apart from the minifig torso, there’s 4 printed parts. A very nice little model.


The instructions came folded in a teeny tiny shape, judging by the folds in the paper. Now, all inhabitants can be informed of the latest events, whether it’s a daring police lrgo, the opening of a new store, or the local soccer match. It also has two nifty blue doors. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The box, courtesy of Peeron.

Instructions for – Mobile TV Studio |

According to Brickset, there’s Don’t really think so. My brother must’ve had that set I ripped the instruction sheet, it’s gone, forever! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I can’t rate it perfect because of the minifig and the “flat front”, so I voted “above average”. It’s a set that’s 20 years old already and one of the first 10 sets I ever got.

It’s a decent size car with few complex parts. The two small windows behind him serve to make the space look bigger, even though they’re technically part of the van’s rear storage llego. According to Peeron, there’s 71 pieces.

Time for a new vehicle in Lego City, methinks – a brand lefo TV van based on this one The sports field in the background instantly gives you an idea for where to place this, although our cameraman could easily work all over town.