Level 7 (Library of American Fiction) [Mordecai Roshwald, David Seed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Level 7 is the diary of Officer . (Uncredited cover for the edition) /5 (Very Good) I recently received a copy of Modecai Roshwald’s Level 7 () from 2thD at. In an unspecified nation, the nameless officer X is taken to an ultra-secret installation called Level 7. He has been chosen to be one of four “Push Button.

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I liked the book, but the dismissive, dated treatment of women put me off, for example: I am so glad this novel is now available in e-book form. The military in charge of the retaliation are specially selected and psychologically trained to be capable of “pressing the button”, the physical act of igniting thousands of atomic-bomb-carrying rockets through the push of one button.

There is a possibility that the astounding series of events depicted by the author will in fact occur a few years from now. Now, radio contact roshwad The Enemy’s shelter continues the war, as both sides claim victory and trade tirades against each other, with neutral nations blaming both.

Perhaps that was the point? A Canticle for Leibowitz is generally considered one of the best….

Detailed Review Summary of Level 7 by Mordecai Roshwald

A little difficult to find a copy of this. Sometimes I’ve marveled at how kids seem to enjoy horror stories, how modern kids I know gravitate to horror films.

Click on a plot link to find similar books! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. We follow the diary of a man who lives on Level 7 of a bunker where the best and brightest go in a kind of experiment to see how humans would endure extended life in isolation after a nuclear holocaust. However, something is wrong. With over 25 years since the first reading, however, my views and appreciation for the art intrinsic in the novel have changed a bit. Mordecai also raises interesting philosophical questions, about the nature of the individual, about boredom, about the psychology of being imprisoned, about the notion of an enclosed utopian state, etc.


The war happens with predictable results; total destruction of the human race. Level 6 is for other military personnel.

Selected according to a psychological profile that assures their willingness to destroy all life on Earth, those who are sent down may never return.

Indeed, he took me to village board meetings, encouraging my interest in public affairs and reading of the newspaper. Preview — Level 7 by Mordecai Roshwald. The incredible stupidity of the human race, in pages or less. His job is to sit in a room and wait for the command to push a series of buttons which will unleash complete nuclear destruction on the earth.

My copy — the edition — has a Linus Pauling quote as well as the Russell quote: Little things begin to cause stress; X is obsessed with the fact that he will never see sunlight again, and others become depressed when the music tape played over the omnipresent Loudspeakers turns out to be limited to a 12 day loop.

To ask other readers questions about Level 7please sign up. It is especially offered to button-pushers, rocket constructors, nuclear physicists, megaton bomb manufacturers, “small” atomic bomb producers, and last but not least, statesmen and politicians.

UW Press – : Level 7, Mordecai Roshwald, edited and with a new foreword by David Seed

It’s incredible how humanity have to destroy what they have on the hope that they,will win something completely desnecessary. Yet another reminder of the repetitive passage of time. However, this was removed in editions published before because it was felt that it spoiled the ending of the book.

Roshwald was an American academic and writer. Shelters at Level 1 and 2 are mostly destroyed, the rest dying of rohswald soon after.

The end is sobering and ultimately futile. No wonder it was in crappy condition and smelled of mildew. After the totally destructive war, radiation spreads and wipes out life on the surface.


Roshwald was a “professor emeritus of humanities at the University of Minnesota, and a visiting professor at many universities worldwide. Lrvel 7 may be dated, but it is still a powerful indictment of the mentality that sees mutual assured destruction as a sensible rosbwald to nuclear war.

Level 7 Book Summary and Study Guide

The bunker is an immense system of tunnels and rooms about ft underground. Quotes from Level 7.

People begin dying on the middle levels. At last it is discovered that the reactor which fuels Level 7 has leaked, and that the whole population is doomed despite all the precautions. Dec 27, Samu rated it it was amazing Shelves: It later emerges that the orders given have been wholly automatic due to a launch on warning strategy, [2] the war has taken place as a series of automated electronic responses to an initial accident. I did look up the author, at 91 years old he is apparently still teaching at the U of Minnesota.

For example, a philosopher characters spouts endless rhetorical about the perfect state of existence underground.

If quoting rosgwald The Word Zombie please provide a link back. Those who were assigned to launch the nuclear missiles, and their support staff, were selected for their ability to behave like machines, [3] yet are counted upon to preserve the human spirit and rebuild the human race.

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