“The Little Sisters of Eluria” is a page novella originally written for and published in the anthology Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy, and later included in King’s own collection Everything’s Eventual. The story is part of King’s Dark Tower. The Little Sisters of Eluria Cover for Little Sisters of Eluria + Gunslinger Author Stephen King Cover artist Michael Whelan Country US Genre(s) Fantasy, Horror, . The Little Sisters of Eluria [Stephen King, Michael Whelan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This 4, copy Limited Artist Edition is.

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The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. No, not the same sisters, that’s why I wrote “similar”. It’s a short book, so a review for it would be pointless. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The story is part of King’s Dark Tower cycle, and is the only tale outside of the seven novels that he has written about Roland Deschain.

Read The Little Sisters of Eluria online free by Stephen King | Novelscom

The Gunslingeroriginally published by Marvel Comics in single-issue form and creatively overseen by Stephen King himself, the full story of Roland’s troubled past and ongoing saga is revealed. Their leader, Great Sister Mary, soon catches up with them, but is attacked and killed by the same cross-bearing dog Roland first encountered. Jenna walks in and the Sisters transform again and tell her to elurua.

At first, they seem benign, but Roland slowly discovers that they are actually vampireswho bring stray survivors back to their “hospital” only to feed on them once they’ve recovered. I like his work on the series quite a lot. The Sisters gather around him shortly after leading to Sister Mary bringing him off and sharing his spend with the other Sisters who are revealed to have blood surrounding their mouths.


Roland finds himself wearing the necklace he took from the boy and a white gown. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I’m actually reading The Little Sisters of Eluria novella within SK’s book of short stories called Everything’s Eventual – I want to read the rest of the stories in there eventually ha-ha – but wanted to read Little Sisters as a prequel to diving into the Dark Tower Series.

She is his salvation. The Sisters bring one of the mutants to the hospital to remove the medallions from Roland and the patient next to him, since the Sisters are unable to touch the medallions themselves.

The Little Sisters of Eluria/Chapter One | The Dark Tower Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

An awesome creepy tale. LouiseMichelaCoquina and Tamara. I have no idea why I feel that way; it’s just my take on things. For sisgers comic collection see: Yep, I think I’d’ve gotten that one on context. Later, the Sisters take Jenna away and Sister Coquina comes in.

The mutant escapes, feeling the Sisters would kill him soon after they’re finished with John. She is his s 4 stars Having decided that I would finally read the Dark Tower series – which has rested in wait on my book shelf for the better part of 20 years – I started with The Little Sisters of Eluria, which was actually written after the 5th book of the series published in He then wakes up in an unknown room in a white gown and a voice tells him “Be still.

I can’t remember exactly what makes it clear that these are the same as the nurses in “The Talisman.

The Little Sisters of Eluria/Chapter Two

Bibliography Short fiction Unpublished and uncollected Awards and nominations. Slow mutants Roland and his horse arrive at a deserted village, Eluriawhere he encounters a feral dog bearing a cross-shaped spot in its fur attempting to eat a dead body.


This, too, will prove to be a very good decision. The medallion Roland took from the dead body in the village proves to be a sort of holy protection from them. Totally out of character for the young, surviving knight from Gilead.

The Little Sisters of Eluria

She tells Roland James was her brother. I think of that as sisfers first time Roland went through the cycle, the revised version as one of his subsequent trips back through time. Enter once more the world of Roland Deschain—and the world of the Dark Tower On the subject of Jack Sawyer — to be clear, his “appearance” in Tommyknockers is a matter of some debate. Nu primesti niciun fel de explicatie.

She asks for the name and Roland says ” John Norman ” which is correct. This short novella can be read in a single sitting. He has worked in every conceivable media—television, film, books fiction, nonfiction, and audioshort stories, and comic books—and acquired followings in all of them. It’s merely one chapter, and Peter Straub says it ain’t him.

Aug 29, Wayne Barrett rated it it was ok Shelves: This is one siters story about the gunslinger being captured buy some weird green dudes who seem to be dead. Dustin January 12, at For example I couldn’t find the time to read and comment the follow-up blog entry to this one yet To Roland’s right he sees an old man dangling in a net and his the skin on the oldman’s legs is crawling “Moving without moving”, Roland remarks.