As veias abertas da América Latina (Portuguese Edition) by [Galeano, Eduardo]. Kindle App Ad Um livro (infelizmente) atual. A L relança As veias abertas da. 11 abr. Autor disse que “As Veias Abertas da América Latina” foi escrito por um jovem sem conhecer devidamente economia política. Livro: As veias abertas da América Latina – Eduardo Galeano.

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In the foreword to the edition, Isabel Allende stated that “after galeao military coup of I could not take much with me: It’s proof that writing is good for something, at least for inspiring celebration and protest, applause and also indignation.

Each line has one word that I didn’t “get” in Spanish. This book is really good, really detailed. Galeano tries to convey several ideas and that can be a bit difficult to sum up. And, some of the footnotes that are there, were added later, so it’s for example not clear who proclaims that ‘all Soviet-made heavy equipment is of galeqno quality, though that is not true of consumer goods produced by its light or medium sized industry’, either way betraying the author’s myopic leftist vision.

As Veias Abertas da América Latina

The pimps of misery coexist with the large estate. I couldn’t even make it to the 20th century.

There’s a certain emotional fatigue that sets in after the first hundred pages or so that made it just so hard to keep going in the face of page after page after page of horror. The book’s very lightly sourced, putting in question some of Galeano’s conclusions and claims.

Stories of Almost Everyone Genesis: The massacres are xa with clenched teeth, Scribbled a professor, Like locusts. While in North America the settlers wanted to build a new independent society, in South America the main activity was taking resources back to Europe.

It was a struggle to get to the end but I do feel that I learned important things in the process.


Trivia About Open Veins of Lat Return to Book Page. We could still use a major attitude adjustment veiaz our dealings with Latin America.

But, as a result, Spanish industry died a slow death, eventually bankrupting Spain, while the UK and Northern Europe in general laid the groundwork for the industrial revolution, thanks to the huge profits they reaped through trade coming from Ceias America. It’s also a book This book is really about the world.

Galeano: realidade mudou e não voltaria a ler seu livro mais conhecido

It’s also a book of its time the early 70’s and conditions have improved in many of the situations Galeano describes – because of his writings in part. Besides some personal objects and a handful of earth from her garden, she also took two books: The most popular items in Book”. I am also sympathetic to what he says. Galeano’s story is very one sided. Who do not appear in the history of the world, but in the police blotter of the local paper. One fact that still stays with me is that the shipments of gold and goods coming into Spain and Portugal, from their respective conquests, were actually shipped right back out to other countries because of their substantial national debts.

Primarily, because he casts the latter in a light of abuse by the former, during the period of colonial exploitation of Latin America. Although Latin American countries gradually gained their independence this ideology remained deeply rooted with their leading class. From the eve, the gap expands. Compete with the machine gun. There were many words I still didn’t know or had to brush up on so I made a “Found Poem”.

Because of its colonial history, Latin America was sufficiently fragmented that it never developed the unity and scale that would allow it to develop on its own.

EBC | Galeano: realidade mudou e não voltaria a ler seu livro mais conhecido

Hence it is not surprising, but a bit disappointing, that no mention is made of Liberation Theology, which was emerging in the s throughout Latin America. But, well-written as it is, it is hard to read because it is so thorough and because the oppression and exploitation recounted is so unrelenting. En todo caso, mi mayor critica con el libro es que toma casi trescientas paginas en describir problemas, pero no pude encontrar ninguna sugerencia para solucionarlos It is called “A Story of Pillaging” and I hope you like it: I knew this in a general way before reading this book, but this book really brings home the ceaseless, grinding, cruel nature of the story.


The author himself has proclaimed his ob Eduardo Galeano was a Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist. Isabel Allende, in the introduction, praises Galeano’s ability for story telling, ending with one of his quotes: I never knew what an imperialist power the U. However, the feudal system which lasted in Eastern Europe until the early years of the 20th century, was little better than what could be found in Latin America.

I would have liked a timeline. This book tells an important story. Retrieved from ” https: Human ant hill Deformed by the little companies. First by Europeans, then by Americans and local elites.

Open Veins of Latin America – Wikipedia

This was a tough, tough read. Want to Read saving…. If heavy machinery is bought from abroad, it’s a gift to the west, instead of a benefit to the Latin American country in question. Many of the stories are interesting, but they are interlaced with far too many adjectives, and with passages that add nothing specific. A Story of Pillaging Gears of capitalism has much more than 2 links of chain, More populated as of present.