, English, German, Book edition: Lohengrin: the libretto / Richard The Swan knight in Wagner’s Lohengrin: myth, history and symbolism /​ Malcolm Fox. Lohengrin, WWV 75, is a Romantic opera in three acts composed and written by Richard . 3 flutes (3rd doubles piccolo), 3 oboes, english horn, 3 clarinets in B- flat, A and C, bass clarinet in B-flat and A, .. Wagner’s libretto (in German) · Further Lohengrin discography · Recording of “Euch Lüften” by Lotte Lehmann in MP3. Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback). Price: $ Image 1. Larger / More Photos. Add to Wish List. ADD TO CART.

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Blest be the hour that hither brought tkee! Here, as well as the pages, the foremost ladies have almost reached the steps of the cathedral. Er pflanzt sein Banner auf, sein Heergefolge sammelt sich um dasselbe. So trau ich ihm, nicht meiner Kraft! Praised be your coming!

ELSA All alone, when everyone is asleep; never shall it be brought to the ears of the world! See also Opera Gems.

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She starts in agitation and pauses, as if listening Did you hear nothing? A boat drawn by a swan appears on the river and in it stands a knight in shining armour. In his strong arm I trust alone, That nor defeat nor fear hath known.

The white dove of the Grails engliish slowly down, and hovers over the skiff; LOHENGRIN perceives it, and with a grateful look rises quickly, and loosens the chain from the swan, who immediately sinks.

Liszt initially requested Wagner to carefully translate his essay on the opera from French into German, that he might be the principal libreto long-standing interpreter of the work [13] — a work which, after performing, he regarded as “a sublime work from one end to the other”. The royal fanfare is sounded once again and everyone turns towards the background in animated expectation HERALD I hereby make known to you the King’s word and wish: Dost thou decree, O king, to have a judg- ment here?


Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback)

The nobles have unwittingly pressed forwards again, but they move back once more as the pages approach, lbiretto the way for the procession which has arrived in front of the Palas. The story of the eponymous character is taken from medieval German romance, notably the Parzival of Wolfram von Eschenbach and its sequel, Lohengrinwritten by a different author, itself inspired by the epic of Garin le Loherain.

Must I behold you thus, you whom I had but seen in pride and splendour! Elsa takes one last look at the banished Ortrud, then enters the church with the wedding procession. ALL THE MEN They draw their swords, the Saxons and Thuringians plunging them into the ground in front of them, the Brabantians laying them flat on the ground May the sword not return to the scabbard until it sees justice done through judgement!

Loyally will we serve the Protector of Brabant! The dawning day must not find us here. KING Summon the accused here! Frederick appears on the cathedral steps; the ladies and pages, as they recognise him, shrink back from him in horror. It is part of the Knight of the Swan tradition. Ja, selbst dem Konig darf ich wehren, Und aller Fiirsten hochstem Rath!

Ach konnt’ ich deiner werth erscheinen! Sit here by me! Hail, Elsa of Brabant I Go forth with blessings laden! His countenance grows ever more transfigured Judge now whether I must shy away from the day: Ein Schwan zieht einen Nachen dort heran! The boat, drawn by the swan, reaches the bank, centre back; Lohengrin in gleaming silver armour, helmet on his head, shield on his back, a small golden horn at his side, is standing in it, leaning on his sword.

Then straight be under arms by morning’s dawn, And follow him till glory’s meed be won; In dalliance soft to linger he disdaineth, While foe or danger to the land remainetn, CHORUS. Do my eyes deceive me? Day is gradually beginning to break: Shield her heart from dangers!


Lohengrin : the libretto / Richard Wagner ; translated by Brian Coghlan. – Version details – Trove

May every joy attend thee, Who long in grief wert bound: Englidh do I not leave you be and run away, away to where my conscience might find peace again! May your great and glorious name never vanish from this earth! Wir streiten nur fiir dich. In your hands, in your trust lies the guarantee of all out happiness. Nun giebt der Schwan ihm Heimgeleit! May God grant me wisdom!

You have defended the right of the meek, praise be to your coming, all hail to your origin! Der deine, sag, wer sollte hier ihn kennen, vermagst du selbst den Namen nicht zu nennen! Pages take off Lohengrin’s sumptuous outer garments before removing his sword, which they place on the couch; women likewise divest Elsa of her magnificent outer garments Meanwhile, eight women slowly surround Lohengrin and Elsa. It will answer any question for you about music and its masters.

Has a spell been cast over me? We will only fight on your behalf! The people consider Ortrud guilty of witchcraft. Elsa, who had thrown herself upon Lohengrin’s breast, slowly sinks unconscious to the ground.

Wagner: Lohengrin (Libretto – english)

From the chains I wound around him I knew full well who this swan was: Take me to you; I give to you all that I am! There will I answer her, that she may know her husband’s origin! None silence to me hath ordaind’d! Die will in Gott zum Miinster gehn. We trust in thee, though doubt and dangei try thee; To thee we give the prize of high renown. O could he spare himself this enforced avowal!