The Royal House Of Shadows/Lord Of The Wolfyn/Lord Of The Abyss. by Jessica Andersen Nalini Singh. On Sale: 01/03/ Format: eBook. To read e-books. Dayn: The Dark Wolf Reda couldn’t explain how she’d been catapulted into another realm – face-to-fang with a legendary werewolf. A. Buy the eBook Lord Of The Wolfyn/Lord Of The Abyss, Royal House of Shadows: Book 3 & 4 by Jessica Andersen online from Australia’s leading online eBook.

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Lord of the Wolfyn · Jessica Andersen · Könyv · Moly

The heroine grew up with the fairy tale, her mother reading it to her and dying before she could explain a little more. You see, Dayn was a prince of Elden. Sins of the Flesh. It has been said several times that the king was a blood drinker, whilst the queen was a healer mage, but wolfyn was not at all spoken of.

This seemed a bit of a random thing to just plonk into the middle of the story, but I guess it meant that the wolfyn would find out about Dayn being a blood drinker and therefore start the ball rolling as it were. Please review your cart.

Lord of the Wolfyn

Since the Wolfyn Realm isn’t pure magic like the Kingdom’s, they can use some of our technology with some tinkering. I dolfyn loved Dayn’s character, while he’s not as Alpha as his brothers, he’s chivalrous and loyal, not to mention he’s a hawt shapeshifter yes I know it’s mispelled but he’s that hot! The review must be at least 50 characters long. Let me say, I loved her writing!


Dayn is like a little lost puppy. This installment gets off to a bit of a slow start, with the recap of the series setup which drops our hero, Prince Davyn, into the dimension of the shape shifting Wolfyn, where he must hide his identity and his true nature as a blood drinker for fifteen years while waiting for his guide to appear to lead him back home for a reunion with his missing siblings.

The connection Reda feels with her dead mother and the book of Rutakoppchen with its wood carvings nicely tie the original tale of the wolf and the hunter in with the current plot. I was highly emotionally involved with this couple’s HEA and was so excited at the end of the book. Hey, is she related to Hans Christian Andersen? The future second-hand of the king Nicolai, hero of the first novel in the series written by Gena Showalter and supposed to mary someone from some royal family.

Celeste has a degenerative genetic disease, which Sydney has traded her freedom for working in a master criminal’s lab to get a cure for. Once there, Reda finally becomes the warrior she was meant to be, and the pair move beyond the past even without the guarantee of a future together. In real life, Reda is a cop, but several months ago, her partner got caught up in a liquor store shooting and was killed when Reda froze in the heat of the moment.

I don’t dare reading Nalini’s book. View all 4 comments. The One You Want. If you do not, you will die and Elden will be lost. Still not that much depth, but much more than I expected from the series.


wwolfyn His guide turns out to be Alfreda ‘Reda’, a human who is having a life crisis, suffering crippling panic attacks with disastorous consequences. The one each book has been gearing up for. This being my first read by Jessica Andersen, I was very excited to read a new-to-me author.

Overall book rating Rating. Only In My Dreams. But it is what it is, and it’s adequate for its intended purpose. It really made me mad. Her lack of action caused her partner to lose his life. November 1, Imprint: I liked the play on the fairytale, I think it was done nicely. While Reda believe her attraction to Dayn because he’d mesmerized her. Like his brothers and sister, Dayn was sent to another realm by his mother in order to survive the evil Sorcerer who sought his father’s throne.

Or should I say Villains? In an effort to save their children, the Queen cast a spell to send each of them to a different kingdom.

To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance. Sep 16, Wolfyyn rated it it woldyn amazing. Her brainwashing and entrancing issues were not well-done, so it felt confusing. It takes several brushes with death before Reda believes this is all real and she is to take her sexy woodcutter to some place called Elden to save his kingdom.