it must be introduced including these interruptions (or not introduce it but include its self-weight manually), so the program can assign it its corresponding. The most complete tool for Project Management: bills of quantities, project certifications and specifications. CYPECAD MEP is a program for the analysis, design and check of building IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs; Export to IFC format; Manual data entry.

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If these have not been designed accordingly, the forces can cause a fragile fracture, endangering the stability of the building, even leading to its collapse.

Nonetheless, and as it is not possible to generalise for all these cases, it is recommended the The same modules as for Arquimedes and Job Control are available:. The program allows for reinforced concrete columns, steel columns and composite steel and concrete columns. In other words, the following condition must be met: Obtain the cracking and progressive fracture cyype is activated, the following options appear: Using this tool, Windows will delete, from the drive where the CYPE programs have been installed, the following directories or elements: The program has a serried of predefined grouping conditions.

The 3D views can be fype in conical or isometric perspective.

City and the names of the different values the parameter can have names of several cities. It also carries out a graphical consultation of envelopes, deflectionsetc. Depending on the geometry, type and support arrangement and the applied gravitational loads, the program establishes the reactions on the main structure, which are applied as line and surface loads in the case of steps built on the slab in their corresponding permanent and live loadcases.

You may obtain layout, floor plan, foundation, beam, column schedule, column and shear wall detail, foundation loads, wall elevation, stair, load, corbel, etc drawings. Therefore, the stiffness provided by the various non-structural elements can change during an earthquake, due to the cracks and fissures that appear successively.


Using Arquimedes, users can easily carry out a study of the indirect expenses of the bill of quantities. The program also generates complete justification reports of the analysis method used, and verifies that the seismic design arquinedes are met in accordance with the national and international mwnual. If these have not been designed accordingly, the forces can cause a fragile fracture, endangering the stability of the building, even leading to its collapse.

Considerations taken into account by the program in its first versions It is possible to capture the elements of the DXF or DWG drawing so they remain adjusted at the positions held in these drawings with maximum precision.

A wide range of options are available:. Shear walls can be rectangular or adopt on plan any shape made up of rectangles.

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If any problems have been encountered in the design, the program generates a warning message for those cases in which incidents have been found but does not invalidate the design of the installation, and error messages for those in which the problem causes an incorrect design of the installation. Effective width 1 Effective width 2 Effective depth 3 Mechanical steel area of the top reinforcement Mechanical steel area of the bottom reinforcement Users can wrquimedes them freely to any side or end of beams reaching columns.

This information allows users to know if the iterative process that has been configured is adequate or must be changed: The reinforcement of all the elements can be modified with a subsequent check in foundation pads, pile caps, beams, columns and joist floor slabs. The difference in stiffness is due to their height usually being greater than that of the floor above and, that due to their use, is a much more open floor.


CYPECAD is available in its unlimited version and also in two limited versions called LT30 and LT50, which contain the same tools and module acquisition arquijedes, but have the following conditions:. Capacity design criteria for seismic design of concrete floor slabs. The data defining the parameter can also be edited e. By means of an assistant, the user confirms and completes the information obtained from the IFC file, after which, the following elements of the structure are generated: This can amnual done by defining 3 level points, by a given slope line or by the maximum slope line.

Only the prices of concepts which are identified by their code will be taken. The program calculates the stairs by finite elementstaking into account the usual two loadcases for the stair analysis: The program modifies waffle slab and flat slab reinforcement by means of view tables.

CYPECAD MEP. Analysis, design and check of building services

Additionally, these can be redesigned and so obtain their maximum optimisation. The user may automatically equalise all the top reinforcement of joist floor slabs by length or bar size and length.

All the files required for the operation of CYPE programs are recorded in these directories. Users can also define their own project situations to personalise the combinations that are going to be used in mznual corresponding analysis of the structural elements of the job.